One Network. One Source. One Solution.

We are a passionate and dynamic team of individuals who strive to establish and build relationships with clients who can benefit from our services.

First, we get to know you.

Our representatives strive to understand the precise solutions you need. Consultations are designed to pinpoint the right service for you.

Then we get you what you need.

Your telecommunications will be up and running in no time. New install or upgrading — expert technicians are ready to implement in any situation and any location.

And support you along the way.

We’re set up to help you with anything, from user questions to network hiccups. With our remote diagnostics and deployable technicians, solutions are in place ASAP.

Transform your office
Liberate your team. Link your locations. Customize your tools. Enjoy speed and reliability.

Epik Networks has delivered a feature rich phone solution that has met all of our immediate needs. In terms of Internet, we have found the connection to be very reliable and quick. We are quite pleased with the service we have been provided by Epik Networks and the daily support that comes along with it.

Rose Devoe
Bell, Temple – Barristers & Solicitors

Alleviate the need for growing IT budgets for voice and data, and out those extra costs. We make your communications easier in every way—from your installation through to your future growth.

Epik's easy telecom is exactly that. EASY!

Effortless deployment.

Our team is ready to get you set up in any situation. If you are growing, we’re ready to scale things up, hassle-free. If you’re in multiple locations, with or without telecommunications in place — no problem; you’ll be linked together in no time, guaranteed.

One easy-to-read bill.

All of our services are consolidated into one easy-to-read bill. It is flat rate pricing with unlimited data transfer. For any number of services, features and changes, everything is accounted for in one straightforward bill.

Epik's dedicated network is fully safe and secure. It’s critical that your data remain yours.

Network Monitoring

Real-time remote monitoring allows our technicians to deploy sophisticated systems that detect potential problems earlier. Solutions are in place before there is any impact at all. We can also assess your network's real-time bandwidth usage and performance data to keep you informed and in control.


Epik's hosted VoIP and fibre-optic internet service are the most secure telecommunications to date. We use superior monitoring and long distance fraud detection systems to catch hackers and lock them out!


Protect your privacy and information with Epik's advanced security features. We eliminate intrusion risks of outdated or poorly maintained on-site phone systems and routers, cutting both costs and threats.

Cut your costs and boost your network.