Business Cellular Mobile Service

All the advanced features you love of hosted VOIP.
  • Customizable Service Options
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Feature Rich Options
  • Seamless Business Line Integration

Don't waste budget on overlapping networks.

Get on the Epik Mobile network and supplement your office business lines with your mobile device. Make your mobile device a true extension of your office phone line.

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Benefits of Epik Mobile
Integrate your phone networks. No background mobile app. Exclusive Epik Business SMS app No overlapping networks.
Improved Productivity.

Accessible employees are productive employees and providing just one phone number across all devices means they have instant access and instant communication. Your customers and colleagues are able to reach your employees wherever they are since they won’t ever be out of touch. Using Epik Mobile integration, dialing is simple too. To reach a colleague from your Epik powered cell phone, a user simply dials the employee’s extension number. To reach someone outside of the enterprise, the user just dials their phone number. There are no special apps, no access codes or special dialing sequences required.

One-Network One-Number One-Bill.

With Epik Mobile integration, your cell phones become a true extension of your company’s advanced hosted phone system. Employees also get one voicemail inbox powered by Epik’s advanced Unified Messaging service so callers only need to leave one voicemail message and employees only have one inbox to learn and manage. Business and desktop SMS can also be sent out via their business number.

Control of your mobile voice network…