Fiber Optic Internet Service

Enterprise-grade internet for businesses of all sizes.

Full Duplex
upload and download
data transfer

With our private network you gain speed and bandwidth while cutting your overall costs. Your data moves from end-to-end at maximum throughput—no more bottlenecks and no more downtime. See our network map


Our North American fiber optic backbone supports thousands of end-users.

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Gigabit (GIGE) Backbone
  • Fully Cisco Powered
  • Low Latency, High Peforming ISP

Our network is never over-extended ensuring optimal speed and bandwidth.

  • Dedicated Layer 3 Service
  • Maximum Capacity Across Network
  • No Oversubscription
  • No Traffic Shaping

Internet service that can support cloud based business.

Empower your team with collaborative software, remote conferencing and presentations

Support Software as a Service (SaaS), virtualization and online data systems

Experience HD rich media and video

Ideal for EPIK Hosted VOIP

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds.
  • Unlimited data transfer.

Installation Guarantee:

Your services can be installed in as few as 12 days—guaranteed.

IP Addresses:

As many as you can justify at no charge.

Simple Handoff:

All it takes to get connected is a standard Category 5 cable or cross connect plugged into your existing LAN or equipment.

Uptime Guarantee:

Your Internet connection will be up and running 99.99% of the time—guaranteed.

Fast and reliable Internet service is also available to areas outside of our central infrastructure. By providing an EPIK ethernet loop or tail circuit to our fiber optic backbone, you link up to our light-speed network. This includes dedicated ethernet and DS3 connectivity, meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes and variety of locations.

Features Cable DSL Epik
Dedicated Connection Throughput
Commercial-Grade Quality
On-Line GUI Interface
Speed Control Via NOC
Symmetrical Speed (Up & Down)
Real Time Usage Charts & Graphs
24/7 Network Monitoring
Heuristic Anomaly Monitoring
Active Port Defense on Epik's Carrier Premise Equipment
Flat-rate monthly pricing » No upfront capital investment » One easy-to-understand bill

Includes internet, local access charges and any premise equipment—with no additional usage charges.

Deployment & Monitoring

Epik’s carrier-grade data switch is installed on-premise by our expert technicians. All it takes to get connected is a standard Category 5 cable or cross connect plugged into your existing LAN or equipment.

Once in place we can actively monitor your connection health and troubleshoot issues—often solving problems before they’re apparent.