Hosted VOIP

Total management for your Hosted VOIP solution priced per user, per feature.
  • Advanced Cloud-Based Technology
  • Customizable Service Options
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Feature Rich

The Hosted VOIP system is run over a privately managed, secure data network—not the internet. High-end cisco routers and switches connect your cisco phone-sets to our network; we provide the phones, the router and switches, and perform the installation. See our network map


We deploy enterprise-level technology for your business—any size and any situation.

  • Unified Communication Service
  • Broadsoft Carrier-grade Platform

Our 100% fiber backbone supports end-users across North America

  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Fully Cisco Powered

Why is Hosted VOIP the right choice for your business?

Totally managed VOIP is the future of telephony services. It’s a level of simplicity and flexibility that traditional pbx and in-house voice services cannot deliver.

Total Voice offers all the features of a traditional phone system, plus extra functionality and advanced calling features. You'll enjoy more control over your communications with a scalable, affordable solution that can enhance your productivity.

A la carte price structure - per user per feature:

We understand that every employee might not need all the features and functionality available, so we give you the ability to mix and match.

Installation Guarantee - 22 business days:

When linked to our all-optical fiber network, we can offer much more than standard voice options and can add on services as needed.

North America-Wide Network:

Our vast fiber-optic backbone allows for affordable high-definition calls across the continent with dedicated points of presence in several major cities.

Simple Handoff:

We make transitioning from your current PBX system a breeze. Our project managers and technicians set up and deploy our solutions and ensure continual and consistent operations.

Save 10-30% on your capital costs and operational expenditure

Our phone services can generate an average of 30-50% savings from leading phone company rates.

How does Hosted VOIP lower costs?
Software & firmware are continually updated at no charge
System flexibility that reduces management efforts
No more in-house phone systems
Helpful features increase efficiency and productivity
Reduced long distance costs
Direct extension dialing accross North America

Billed on a per-phone, per-month basis with options for advanced features

Financing options for equipment also available.

Support & Monitoring

Expert Support

Our clients enjoy worry free telecommunications! Our staff is on top of critical service information, ensuring that your network is working smoothly.

Our trained technicians take care of everything—hardware and software—including installation, configuration and maintenance. Just call Epik Networks and you can speak with a live rep within 60 seconds.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Epik Networks deploys sophisticated remote monitoring systems to detect any potential problems at the earliest possible time. In most cases, remedies are in place before there is any impact on end-users.

We monitor and analyze our entire network in real-time, and get in-depth performance metrics for all our VoIP Phones, routers, switches, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices.