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We invite all IT consultants to help us identify and assess potential clients. Businesses of all sizes, across North America, can afford and benefit from our services, so let them know!

  • Sales support and assistance provided by Epik
  • Sell Epik services across North America w/ seamless cross-border
  • Earn % of monthly revenue or use cost plus model
  • Epik can handle all billing and collections
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Partner Options

Epik Networks is a multi-city, North America wide service provider. As an agent or reseller, you will represent yourself as a partner of Epik Networks.


Sell and install voice managed solutions on behalf of Epik Networks. The offer includes selling Total Voice and Fiberlink internet products that have been tested, deployed, and proven in the market. Leverage existing marketing materials, and a customer base of 800 clients that can be used for references and quotes.
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The customer ownership will reside with Epik Networks, as well as Tier 1 support and billing. This will allow for reduced administrative costs for smaller organizations.

The agent will be commissioned as a percentage of recurring revenue, and paid monthly over the term of the contract.

Sales support and engineering will be offered on an on-going basis. Technical assistance and training are all provided.
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Sell and install our Total Voice and Fiberlink internet managed solutions, while leveraging white labeled marketing materials. The customer ownership, monthly billing, and Tier 1 support belongs to you, which provides tangible value and ongoing MAC revenue.
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Revenues will be comparable to traditional system sales, with non-recurring revenue (gateway / router sales, phone sales, cabling and installation) as well as recurring revenue (system access charges). Resellers can use a simple cost plus model and will benefit from Epik Networks wholesale pricing.

Sales engineering will be offered on an on-going basis. Technical assistance and training are all provided. Resellers can leverage existing relationships with carriers and major suppliers for lines, internet and other telco services.
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Partner Options Comparison

Authorized Agents

  • Facilitate sale and hand over customer to Epik for support/billing
  • No minimums for sales volume
  • Sell Epik products & services to end customer
  • No white labelling option
  • Earn a % of monthly-recurring revenue
  • Client calls Epik Help Desk direct for technical support.

Wholesale Partners

  • Maintain customer relationship and support/bill end customer directly.
  • No minimums for sales volume
  • Market and sell your own products and services but with Epik technology behind it.
  • White labeling required
  • Mark up wholesale rates and sell direct
  • Client calls your Help Desk, and Epik provides Tier 2 support to your Techs.

Multi-City, North America Wide Service Provider

As an agent, you will represent yourself as a partner or reseller of Epik Networks. You can utilize our brochures, website and documentation when reselling our Hosted PBX and Internet product. As a reseller, you can position yourself as a strategic partner of Epik Networks, and have a non-compete clause while you are actively engaging prospects.

Epik Cloud PBX features


Epik Networks owns and operates a carrier-grade IP telephony system that has been deployed for over 10 years. Our Broadworks system is developed by Broadsoft (a Cisco company).

Utilizing our Cloud-based Hosted PBX model, your clients can benefit from a fully geo-redundant, feature-rich VoIP technology that most businesses could not traditionally afford. By using a hosted architecture versus a premise-based solution, clients experience increased reliability, avoid outdated technology, and receive extended warranty and protection under our service level agreement (SLA).

Epik Networks currently has clients across North America, and we’re able to support any sized client in any location.

Agent Candidates

Epik Networks is looking for IT specialists, IT consultants or IT firms to work together and spread the word about Epik Networks. If your clients are in need of high-quality telecom and internet become an Epik Agent.


Epik Networks has long worked together with consultants and we believe in creating win-win relationships. We’ll aid you in any part of the sales process and can handle any technical issues as well as all billing and collections.


Epik Agents and Resellers can sell all of Epik’s services in all major markets across North America. You’re selling cutting-edge technology and services in a continent-wide market — just think of the growth potential.


Epik Agents can earn over 15% of the monthly revenue from contracts brokered by them for the entire term and beyond. That’s ongoing commission for every single deal with no caps.

Become An Epik Agent.

Once​ ​you​ ​have​ ​discussed​ ​the​ ​benefits​ ​of​ ​Epik​ ​Networks​ ​and​ ​they’ve​ ​chosen​ ​to​ ​explore​ ​our custom​ ​solutions,​ ​we​ ​do​ ​the​ ​rest!​ ​It’s​ ​as​ ​simple​ ​as​ ​that.

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