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10 Ways to Make Travel More Rewarding

Updated: July 24, 2018

Travel can provide new experiences that can enable personal growth and fulfillment. VoIP phone systems make it possible to stay connected on the go by extending your phone system using your mobile phone. This means that you can stay productive even while on the road.

1. Explore the Tourist Attractions of New Places

Traveling to new places is a chance to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences that make life richer down the road. Whether you're interested in local cuisines, native wildlife, or ethnic culture, take some time while traveling to visit the places that interest you. You'll enjoy the memories later in life and have a wealth of stories to start conversations with as a result.

2. Learn New Languages with apps like Duolingo

Traveling through foreign countries gives you the opportunity to test a second language you haven't used since college or pick up another language for the trip. Language-learning resources aren't hard to find, but apps like Duolingo help you learn another language or stay in practice over the internet. There's no need to buy books or audio tapes.

3. Share Your Travel Adventures with Friends

Google Maps has a location-sharing feature you can use to make it possible for friends and family to see where you are in real-time. Whether your employer needs to track where you are or your family wants to know how your college road trip is going, this feature makes it possible to update them automatically through the Google Maps app. If you're a writer or travel blogger, you might also use location sharing to publish your progress during a tour of a city or region for your fans.

4. Stay in Touch with Friends and Colleagues with Video Conferencing

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you can't arrange face-time while you're away. If you can get access to the internet, then you can conduct video-conferencing calls with a cell phone, tablet, or laptop from a hotel room. Skype and Messenger both offer basic video-conferencing features. Business employees, however, can use secure, reliable, and powerful solutions like cloud-hosted VoIP to hold meetings or video conferences. They can even share screens, files and much more.

5. Manage Self-Employment Finances

Since cloud invoicing software like Freshbooks can be accessed through the internet, managing finances while on-the-go can be a good way to stay on top with finances. Freelancers and consultants who manage their own finances and invoicing will find apps like this convenient because they can be accessed from any device. Invoice Ninja is another financial assistant that can help with tracking invoices, expenses, due dates, and payments alerts.

6. Craft Killer Presentations in a Hotel Hobby

Have you ever needed to create a presentation on short notice during a business trip or retreat? Online presentation authoring tools like 24 Slides can be a lifesaver when you are away from your main desktop computer, or you find yourself in a jam without access to a set of slides you had made. Web apps like this one also offer a different set of slide templates than you'll find with presentation apps like PowerPoint. The best part is your slide show can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity.

7. Work and Train on the Road with Udemy

If you're living the traveling freelancer or corporate consultant lifestyle, there's no reason today to let travel time get in the way of building on your skillset with new training and continuing education. Websites like Udemy have a wealth of courses that cover various subjects and skills taught by professional instructors that you can take from anywhere using their website.

8. Use Your Time Efficiently While You Travel

Time management is important on the road if you want to get as much out of each day as you can. That's especially true if you plan to work while you are traveling. Time management apps abound, but one app that is great for evaluating your time management skills is Rescue Time. It can help reduce the amount of time you lose to unproductive activities like social media and web surfing.

9. Use Google Maps to Plan and Navigate Road Trips

Long gone are the days of roadmap books and folded paper maps. Google Maps can serve as both a road trip planner and navigator in real-time. Google's route algorithm does a good job of showing the most efficient way to get from point A to point B, but you can also edit that result by adding your own waypoints to the route. Maps are also great for planning pit stops for gas, food, and lodging, even allowing you to compare pricing in some cases.

10. Use Google Maps to Save Trip Directions for Later

Google Maps isn't just a standalone app to use when it's time to get in your car and start driving. You can settle on a route to your destination and generate the directions using Maps, and then save the directions to another app like Calendar for the day the trip will take place. If you do this as soon as the trip is confirmed, you'll be ready to hit the road immediately instead of spending time planning it at the last minute.

Modern internet and cellular technologies have made it possible to make travel more rewarding than it would otherwise be with tools that you can access and use with just a smartphone or laptop. You can plan trips, navigate them in real-time, and get more work done than was possible in the past. You'll also be able to fill your travels with more meaningful experiences by not missing special, once-in-a-lifetime attractions you may not get to see again.


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