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6 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Solutions

Updated: November 13, 2018

Switching to cloud solutions like Epik’s hosted VoIP and Unified Communications products have been proven to provide large and small companies with scalable, reliable, and robust solutions that can dramatically reduce the cost of operation. The savings offered by cloud solutions can be substantial, but adopting these technologies can improve a company’s performance in several different ways.

Make Your Company’s Data More Secure

It’s a common assumption that storing sensitive data on remote servers is less secure than keeping it on servers you own and control. That assumption is only true if your company has an excellent information security program that can keep your data safe. The reality is that cloud service providers have a stronger incentive to maintain robust security measures and the resources to implement them.

Small to medium-sized companies can make their own information security stronger and less costly by switching to the cloud and letting the service provider handle security for them. Just remember that data security is not the responsibility of a single party. Even using a provider, like Epik Networks, that keeps your data off the public internet and router through a private fiber-optic network still means you need to implement some basic internal security processes.

Improve Performance and Cost Transparency

When you host a service like a website in a local data center, the server is usually sharing its resources with several services to avoid the cost of purchasing a dedicated server for each of them. A company’s internal website can become sluggish because the server it runs on is overwhelmed by an unrelated task like a database query. The cloud makes it easier to diagnose and solve these performance issues by separating each service onto dedicated servers. Cloud solutions also make it easier to measure and budget for the cost of each service.

Simplify Overly Complex Technology Solutions

Complexity in the realm of technology has been growing exponentially during the past couple of decades. This has been driven by the desire to provide a wide range of features and integrations that one customer may not need but another requires. The cloud can help untangle this complexity by allowing your engineers to tailor each information service to your company’s specific needs. This improves performance and cuts maintenance costs by simplifying your technology solutions.

Cloud-based VoIP Phone System

A managed VoIP phone system gives you flexibility with peace-of-mind. Reduce your costs with per-user per-feature billing, add new features as you need them, and an industry-leading Service License Agreement (SLA).

Cloud VoIP Phone System

Improve Reliability with Redundant Hardware

Cloud solutions have a level of reliability that would be prohibitively expensive for many companies to achieve. Service providers do this by building multiple levels of hardware and networking redundancies into their hosting infrastructure. Hardware failures and network outages are unavoidable, but redundant systems maintain your service without more than momentary interruptions. Switching to a dedicated cloud solution can reduce the cost and eliminate the headache of maintaining this level of redundancy for mission-critical systems.

Integrate Your Company’s Technologies on the Cloud

Cloud technology was built around the idea of interoperability, so the integration of cloud services is not just less difficult: It’s a design feature. Many medium or large organizations with legacy information systems can realize large cost and performance gains by migrating their systems to integrated cloud solutions. Integrating your information systems also makes it possible to connect multiple sources of data and leverage them with the latest AI technologies.

Lower Your Costs with Less Hardware

If your company is still maintaining its own data center and office hardware, switching to cloud solutions will cut a large chunk out of its technology budget. The savings are realized in a couple of different ways. You eliminate much of the labor spent on maintenance and installation, and you realize the savings of paying only for the capacity you need when you need it. The cloud also gives you a level of responsiveness to changing workloads that you can’t achieve by owning the infrastructure yourself. For example, Epik’s hosted VoIP service can handle unexpected increases and decreases in traffic by buying additional server capacity only while it’s needed each day.


Cloud-based solutions like Epik’s hosted call center and Unified Communications services eliminate the headache of maintaining a company’s technology infrastructure while making it more agile in the face of shifting market trends. The bottom line is that the cloud enables companies of all sizes to realize the full benefit of today’s technology by reducing both its upfront costs and long-term maintenance expenses.


COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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