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Your management of incoming calls plays a large role in determining your success or failure in important areas such as customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, and sales. This is why so many businesses are constantly looking to create easier, more effective, and more affordable contact center solutions. One of the most important developments to come out of this growing trend? The rise of Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone service.

The concept sounds pretty simple — rather than routing calls through Public Switch Telephone Networks, (PSTN), VoIP allows you to utilize the internet. The implications of this change, however, are far-reaching. VoIP offers capability, scalability, and cost-efficiency in degrees that regular PSTNs simply can’t compete with. But is making the switch really worth your time and energy? Here are 6 signs that the answer to that question is a resounding yes:

  • You take frequent international calls. The cost of handling international calls can add up quickly — eating into your profit and limiting your horizons. Fortunately, calls routed through the web are not subject to international rates, if you’re connecting to another VoIP site. This is one important reason why the relatively small cost of VoIP can oftentimes be a net money saver.
  • You need to communicate with more than just voice. Assisting customers — and closing sales — is usually easier when information can be readily shared. And, as effective as calls can be, supplementing them with images, videos, screenshots, documents, faxes, etc. can take your contact center to the next level. Because Voice Over IP uses a web connection, these types of seamless sharing solutions are made easy.
  • You want to integrate multiple lines into one number. Businesses that manage a certain volume of incoming calls will eventually want their single phone number to connect with multiple devices. This system helps make the experience smoother for customers — but it can be quite a headache for business owners. (Especially if they hope to integrate cellphone and office phone lines!) Fortunately, Voice Over IP systems such as Total Voice from Epik Networks can solve these problems easily and affordably.
  • You don’t want to use expensive and convoluted equipment to manage your call center. Ironically, this hi-tech solution requires equipment and tends to be more user-friendly than many of its antiquated counterparts. Visit Epik Networks to check out our selection of Voice Over IP phones to see for yourself!
  • You need extra features to improve your performance. Easily-accessible information can make responding to your customers needs effectively and efficiently much more straightforward. That is why features such as caller ID, contact lists, voicemail, and extra-virtual numbers are such a smart investment. Call recording, call reporting, and the Loki Web Portal are a few more excellent examples of enhanced features that make Epik Networks a special choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • You manage a remote workforce. Unified communication solutions such as Epik Networks VoIP allow employees to access the technology they need to get the job done from virtually anywhere. This can lead to big savings, impressive employee satisfaction rates, and many other positive results.

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