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7 email and phone statistics you need to know

Misconceptions about what the reality is on the ground can often cause us to misjudge what’s needed to create the most effective sales and call center processes possible. One way to check our preconceptions is to compare them to statistical studies. Below is a collection of eye-opening statistics that challenge the conventional beliefs about customer care and sales.


1. According to a Salesforce study, 92% of customer service interactions happen on the phone, yet around 85% of customers have bad customer service experiences.


It’s never too late the stop being complacent about your customer’s experience when they interact with your sales and service reps. The average customer overwhelmingly makes phone calls and doesn’t find it very satisfying. Being a company that satisfies its customers can make your brand shine among your competitors.



2. A little more than a third of prospects will use their smartphones to read and respond to their email.


Long-winded and hard to read emails can inadvertently prevent many of your sales prospects from effectively communicating with your company because of the limited screen space available on mobile devices. More succinct and easy to answer messages will go a long ways to improving the chances that your prospects will get back to you.



3. Studies show that the best time to send emails is during regular business hours.


Email may seem like a method of communication that isn’t time sensitive, but the reality is that emails that aren’t opened within a couple hours of receipt tend to be forgotten or buried under an continuous churn of other emails. The result is that you’ll get better results by sticking to business hours. That’s when you’ll have the best chance of getting your prospect’s attention when your email arrives.



4. Over half of email recipients will mark emails as spam based on the subject line or the email address it’s from.


It’s important to review subject lines and email addresses used in marketing and sales messages. When either look too “sale-sy” or unprofessional, most contacts will reflexively banish them to the spam folder, even if your domain and content is legitimate.



5. A study by TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group found that the number of cold calls needed to reach a contact has increased from an average of 3.6 calls in 2007 to 8 calls today.


The volume of unsolicited phone calls has continued to increase for everyone, resulting in more resistance to answering them by most of the general public and professionals. Don’t feel discouraged if you’ve noticed this trend: It isn’t just you’re call center reps who are getting the cold shoulder.



6. 63% of leads requesting information or quotes take more than three months to actually make a purchase. Another 20% will take a year.


A Marketing Donut survey reveal how important it is to maintain long-term follow-ups with leads who showed active interest and then went dormant. Given the lengthy purchase review process followed by many companies, it makes sense that there will often be lengthy delays. Assume that in your sales strategies, and make timely follow-ups with leads.



7. The Marketing Donut found that 44% of salespeople stop pursuing a lead after a single “no,” and only 8% of salespeople will continue past four “nos,” yet most sales take at least five follow-ups to close.


Another statistic from the same survey, this shows the rate of attrition among salespeople when faced with repeated rejection, even though repeated rejections is the norm in the sales industry because of the level of competition in the market. A strategy that can bring results is training salespeople to persist for at least five “nos” before giving up on a lead.

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Look to social science for insights into what helps develop positive relationships and impressions that lead to more closed sales.

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