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One of the most important reasons why many companies opt to route their phone network through the web is the ability to take advantage of enhanced call-management features. Here are 9 useful functions for clients of Epik Networks Voice Over IP Calling that your business could be utilizing:

  1. Call Recording. It is one of the simplest functions that any professional phone line should be equipped to handle — and, to be certain, there are many ways of recordings calls without necessarily using a Voice Over IP. However, one advantage of web-based phone services is that they make fundamentals such as call recording easier to integrate with more advanced features such as call reporting. Which brings us to our next point…


  1. Call Reporting. Epik Networks can automatically generate comprehensive detail reports on every call that your business receives, recording metrics such as customer service issues, call duration, hold times, call routes, seasonal peaks, etc. This feature, used in conjunction with call recording, can help you improve customer satisfaction, streamline employee training, and boost company efficiency.


  1. Personalized Call Routing. Ensuring that customer calls get answered quickly is a crucial step toward making sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. And sending incoming calls straight to the optimal customer representative for that case can improve sales and satisfaction even further — all while making your company more efficient. Last but not least, Epik Networks Find Me/Follow Me feature can send incoming calls to multiple devices before going to voicemail, thus ensuring that you never miss an important call again!


  1. Advanced Conferencing. Teamwork and collaboration are key to success in business — and remote teamwork and collaboration are a hallmark of the modern workforce. Fortunately, with a web-based calling service, you can make managing and organizing conference calls a breeze!


  1. Voicemail/Email Connection. Responding to voicemails quickly and efficiently is a common courtesy that can take on tremendous importance in the business world. That’s why we designed voicemail/email integration, sending voicemail recordings — along time stamps, caller ID, and other personalized information — straight to your inbox.


  1. Call Filtering. Telemarketers, fraudsters, and other unwanted callers can waste company time while putting your business at risk. Fortunately, our call treatment feature can help identify incoming calls based upon name, area code, and phone number, thus blocking irrelevant and/or non-legitimate phone calls.


  1. Receptionist App. We believe that telephone receptionists should have easy access to all available customer information the second they receive an incoming call — and we believe that routing that call to any department or employee should also be quick and effortless. That’s why we designed Receptionist — which, along with the Epik Web Portal, makes call management incredibly easy.


  1. Epik Web Portal. The central dashboard for our call management system, the Epik Web Portal allows you to access and control advanced applications, and includes user-friendly features such as a click-to-call directory, conference management, call logs, call-routing and much more.


  1. App Integration. Looking for a feature not mentioned in this article? No worries — Epik Networks is designed to allow for easy integration of 3rd-party applications, which makes our system highly customizable.


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