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Call Reporting - Monitor and Reduce Communication Costs

Updated: June 19, 2013

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The telecom visibility tool for managers

Managers face on-going challenges in their day-to-day operations meeting goals, responding to crises, and, most importantly, managing and bringing out the best in their employees.

With these daily challenges, it’s not surprising that many managers tend to overlook an integral cost-saving measure: reducing the high cost of telecommunications within the company.

Regular phone bills do not provide any information other than usage and spending. This often hefty and regular company expense can be a huge drain on the company’s resources.

The answer you are looking for is: Call Reporting. This unique feature of hosted VOIP systems gives you detailed, and more importantly, meaningful information that can be used in the decision-making process to enhance your company’s voice communication environment.


Monitor phone expenses and allocate costs

Call reporting provides you with information on every aspect of how your phone system is being used.  It provides data and metrics, allowing users to interpret the information and produce graphical reports.  It also enables you to make conscious and informed decisions that can directly affect your bottom line.

Call reporting also provides actual usage and spend data with information about organizational structure and personnel.  It offers powerful capabilities to assign costs to responsible extensions, accounts, departments and cost centres. It is also used to bill clients back or distribute costs to projects.

Optimize telecommunications plans

Another benefit for a large organization is that call reporting enables multiple telecom bills to be integrated into one.  This allows the comparison of usage and enables management to check whether different departments or locations are using a plan that best suits all their needs.

For low cost and minimal effort call accounting systems can be utilized to determine if voice and data networks are being used optimally.  Both overuse and underuse can lead to expenses that could easily be prevented with visibility.

Improve sales and customer service performance

Easy to read and detailed informational reports help you strategically evaluate the efficiency of specific sales teams or members. These reports can enable you to identify where additional training will be required to improve sales and determine specific activities that could be tied to success. A variety of call strategies can be employed over various periods of time and then easily highlighted and analyzed for efficiency.

Customer service teams can also be monitored and evaluated in terms of responsiveness and availability.  Information such as the number of dropped calls, how long people were placed on hold, how often calls were answered, and the delay between first ring and answer time, can easily be accessed.

Safeguard your network

Call accounting enables your IT department to protect your company from security threats by monitoring network access. Network intrusion and attacks, both internal and external, can be identified. You can even implement warnings that are set to trigger when suspicious activity is detected. Call accounting can improve visibility in order to secure the company's processes and protect it from internal fraud.

All companies, large or small, consistently strive to trim expenses and increase revenue wherever possible. The right technology and tools enable managers to make swift and important decisions that positively impact a company’s bottom line.

Call reporting is one such tool that will provide substantial information to monitor and cut costs. It eventually contributes to the company sustaining itself, promoting growth, and enabling it to stay ahead of the competition in these uncertain economic times.


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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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