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Free Webex Covid 19 Featured

Epik Networks Now Supporting Customers with Free Cisco Webex Meetings Amid Mounting Fears of Exposure to COVID-19

On February 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a formal name for the newly discovered novel Coronavirus that has been sweeping the globe.

The aptly named, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), stems from a class of viruses known as “coronaviruses”, and has thus far proved to display both a high virility rate as well as mortality rate as compared to the standard flu virus.

Since it’s emergence, has spread like wildfire around the world. Prompting the WHO to declare a global pandemic, with over 180,000 cases and 7000 deaths worldwide and growing.

In an effort to support their customers, and contribute to the prevention of viral transmission, Epik Networks has partnered with Cisco to offer free Cisco Webex Meetings.


Free Cisco Webex Meetings

In today’s digital age, virtually all business activity can be carried out online. Innovations in technology, when leveraged correctly, can enable businesses to continue “business as usual” while doing right by their customers, clients and stakeholders with regards to reducing risks associated with COVID-19.

In partnership with Epik Networks, Cisco is offering businesses free 90-day licenses for WebEx services that include unlimited use. Epik Networks is a the only Canadian business VoIP provider that’s Cisco certified for Cisco Calling.

This unprecedented offer stands as a testament to the dedication and care both organizations have for their customers.


An Increasing Move Towards Remote Work

In an unprecedented move, companies large and small, from Fortune 100s such as Apple and Google, to small “mom and pop” enterprises are making the move to transition to remote work amid concerns of COVID-19 transmission.


Epik Networks and Cisco’s Strategic Plan

Sources close to both organizations confirm that they are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and global traffic trends and usage worldwide. As an increasing load is placed on resources, both companies are well-prepared to rise to the challenge.

With a priority of empowering organizations to assist their workers in setting up virtually workspaces, both organizations have put in place a proactive plan to support the evolving needs of customers worldwide. This plan’s overreaching goals is to ensure people across the globe can work from anywhere, anytime on any device, allowing them to stay connected with their teams and enabling them with carrying out business operations.

Expanded WebEx Capabilities and Features:

  • Support for up to 100 employees
  • Unlimited usage. (Long Distance Charges may apply)
  • Through Epik Networks, get free 90-day licenses to businesses
  • Fast Set Up via email

Epik Networks Products for Remote Work

  • Cisco Teams
  • Cisco Meetings
  • Cisco Calling
  • Cisco Apps

Expansion of Global Meeting Capacity

Working in tandem with local governmental organizations in the USA and Canada, Cisco is proactively taking steps to expand global capacity for virtual meetings. Enhancements in infrastructure and connectivity working with carriers such as Epik Networks has improved last-mile connectivity and reduced latency between their end-users and the WebEx Cloud.

Round the Clock Continuity Support for Business and Community Needs

Increases in support staff and around the clock availability now ensures businesses and community organizations are supported day and night.


Taking Advantage of Cisco and Epik Networks’ Offers

Those interested in taking advantage of a free WebEx trial are encouraged to reach out immediately by contacting Epik Network’s at 1-877-COVID19 or by emailing

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