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Smartphones are ubiquitous in today’s world — but their integration into our lives has been quite a chaotic process. As little as ten years ago, for example, the majority of US mobile users didn’t even send text messages; whereas nowadays the vast majority of cellphone users have high speed internet access. 

This uneven and unorganized process of smartphone integration — combined with the fact that cellphones are such personal items — has created a culture in which mobile numbers are rarely used for business in an official sense. Instead, many business leaders have adopted a kind of mixed use between personal mobile numbers and company phone lines. If you are a small business owner or a corporate manager, you know exactly what we are talking about. Some of your contacts probably communicate through the official business number, whereas others call your smartphone directly, and others might alternate between the two!

Again, this practice is so commonplace that few people think twice about it. But the truth is that integrating your numbers could offer a number of concrete benefits, both personally and professionally. Read on to discover how:

  1. Avoid missed calls. Clearly, no one can be in the office all times. And this means customers who attempt to reach your business after hours will likely go unattended. Similarly, there are probably moments during the work day in which you pay little attention to your cell phone. (Though this issue is admittedly becoming less frequent as smartphones play an increasingly prominent role in every aspect of our lives.) The bottom line, however, remains unchanged. Managing one phone instead of two will result in fewer missed calls and faster customer response time, which in turn improves customer service and increases conversion rates.
  1. Keep up appearances. When meeting a new contact — be it a sales lead, a potential investor, or even a job candidate — your goal should always include presenting yourself and your organization as professional and well-organized. Providing a unified, official business number rather than a personal cell number won’t accomplish this goal alone, but it is a nice detail.
  1. Reduce wasted time. Alternating between a smartphone and a business phone is a relatively small distraction — but it is a distraction nonetheless. Over a long time span, the wasted moments and disrupted focus caused by this needless complication can add up.
  1. Add business-grade features to your smartphone. Resource usage optimization, call abandonment reduction, specialized call routing, easily-accessible caller information details, and a wealth of communication method options are just a few of the features offered by professional call management tools. Here at Epik Networks, we offer integrated smartphone programs that allow you to utilize these features whenever, wherever.
  1. One network, one bill. As a busy professional, your time is valuable. Why waste it paying bills when you could be making sales, serving customers, and growing your business?

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