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Updated: April 10, 2018

Cloud-computing, also known as Internet-based computing, has moved beyond mere buzzword, with businesses increasingly outsourcing all their communication needs. I'll offer seven reasons why:


Going from a Silicon Valley buzzword to a household term in just a few years, "the cloud" or Internet-based computing, has had deep and widespread influence on the business world. Its reach has moved beyond remote backup, data storage, and file sharing and into business-critical technologies including telecommunications. Today, organizations are partnering with a Canada VoIP provider to outsource all of their communication needs, from network architecture and configuration through to ongoing maintenance and management.

Here are seven reasons why:


Subscribing to a service rather than purchasing a full system significantly reduces upfront costs. Traditional business phone networks, like PBX and Key systems, require thousands of dollars worth of equipment, not including the time and effort they take to install, configure and maintain. Outsourcing allows an organization to treat telecom as a service, billed for monthly.


On-site networks tend to be more susceptible to disasters than cloud networks because they're centralized. Cloud service providers use failover locations to back up their network hubs so that intense weather, blackouts, and other disasters don't affect their clients. This allows businesses to access the network from another location in situations where the office is experiencing problems and protects their voice network data and configuration.


Outsourcing allows internal IT teams to focus on more pressing matters while the hosted VOIP provider manages the phone network. This has a triple-benefit: company networks encounter fewer issues since they're managed by a dedicated team of experts; the network is continually updated, and internal IT resources can be used more efficiently. Rather than having an expert on-site or on-call to service the network, businesses can move their network to specialized facilities.


Businesses with internal networks have to plan entire projects to deploy a new application, feature or add new seats. Businesses that have outsourced their telecom have to place a call to their provider who can "turn on" features or add new lines within a matter of hours. Features and functions that exist in the cloud can be provided to as few or as many end-users as required.


Outsourced networks “live” in the cloud. They can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection and an IP phone or mobile device. Mobile teams and remote workers stay connected to the network from anywhere without additional applications or separate business networks.


Outsourcing often means a more dynamic and flexible network. Hosted VoIP networks are highly customizable, easily scaled and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. This enhances the experience on all levels, from business operations down to employee experience. Traditionally, businesses would have to invest more in their core network for each new function or application.


Turnkey solutions save businesses the time that would be spent planning and budgeting for telecom requirements. Multiple vendors can become problematic when recommendations conflict and responsibility is blurred across multiple service or equipment providers. Companies can instead begin to look at their telecom provider as a long-term technology partner since the telecom provider manages their entire network.

From reduced capital and operational expenses to simplified maintenance and upgrades to feature-rich customization and more, outsourcing telecom provides a business with many advantages that positively impact both the customer experience and the company’s bottom line. For any forward-thinking business, it’s a significant strategic consideration when crafting a recipe for success.


Claudio Nespeca is vice president of marketing, at Epik Networks, a leading VOIP and Internet service company headquartered in Toronto.


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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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