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The Best Time to Switch to Hosted VOIP

Updated: May 31, 2013

Converting to a new telecommunication technology is always a difficult decision for senior managers. The potential disruptions discourage many from seriously looking at the alternatives to on-premise networks. But with the documented growth and value of hosted VOIP services, many managers are reconsidering the risk of change. With the overall advantages of hosted VOIP in mind, the question then becomes when is the best time to make the switch?

Simply put, any time. Hosted systems are much easier to set up than traditional systems. However, there are certain points in a company’s development that are ideal for the transition, making the switch seamless. Below are a few of the optimal situations to set up your hosted VOIP—consider yourself a great candidate if your business is about to encounter any of these circumstances.

Moving offices

Moving offices can be a lot of trouble. Every other hassle aside, you have to get your network back up and running ASAP. This is where the “plug-and-go” aspects of a hosted VOIP solution really shine. All you need is an Internet connection and your service provider’s switch.

Moving traditional phone lines can be very tedious and cause a serious delay in your move. On-premise VOIP takes both system and infrastructure setup.

But with hosted VoIP, transferring your lines as easy as moving the phones themselves. Your phone lines and extensions will connect back to your system automatically, saving valuable time and effort.

Adding new locations

The beauty of IP phones is their ability to be plugged into your Ethernet infrastructure and set up with your current numbers and extensions. Employees who move locations can simply unplug their phones and reconnect from the new location and everything stays the same. Your communications and locations become flexible, saving you the need to configure another system or establish new lines.

Need more flexibility

Many companies find themselves in constant transition, be it seasonal staffing, growth or multiple locations. Hosted VOIP can adapt to a company’s changing needs. You can easily increase or decrease the number of phone lines as required, or add and subtract business features that traditional phone systems don’t offer. Users can also make phone and network changes without going to IT through an Internet dashboard or by calling the hosted VOIP provider directly. And for the active employee, working from home or on the move, you can deploy web based soft phones and remote connectivity to keep them in the loop.

Tired of constant hardware and software upgrades

Hosted VOIP can eliminate the need for on-site phone equipment and its administrative and IT burden. Many companies should make the switch when they realize their current system is finicky, lagging behind and functionally limited. With on-premise VOIP systems, an IT team has to constantly upgrade the software to keep things running smoothly. New features or system scaling often requires new hardware, or an entirely new on-site system. This not only costs significantly more, but also demands the attention of an experienced IT department. Instead, the system could be converted to a hosted VOIP service, solving all of the problems in a single stroke.

If you have a small IT team

Hosted VOIP is a smart way to reduce the workload of your small IT team.  This will create more time to focus on your company’s critical tasks and other issues. With an on-premise VOIP or traditional phone system there are simply more things that can go wrong, leading to more potential down time.

When you need a higher level of service

When companies arrive at the point where they need more from their telecommunications, they may find out that their Internet provider doesn’t support the desired features for their on-premise system. A hosted VoIP provider uses its own reliable network data lines built on industry standard technology, removing the limitations. This also simplifies your Internet service since it comes from one specialized provider.

Hosted VOIP can get you closer to functioning as the seamless unit. There is no reason to wait, especially if you find your company in any of these situations.


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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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