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Could Your Company Benefit from Voice Over Internet Protocol Calling?

VOIP calling is a pretty straightforward function. Systems such as the Epik Networks Hosted PBX solution convert analog audio signals into digital data, and transmit that data via the internet before converting it back into traditional phone signals. Why go through his process? Below you will find four of the biggest financial benefits that VOIP calling offers.

1. Reduce Calling Costs.

For companies that frequently make long distance or international calls between offices, the phone bills can start piling up. Voice over IP calling software does have an initial setup cost and a small, fixed monthly fee, but VOIP subscribers do not need to worry about paying for their international calls a la carte between offices the way that a traditional phone service subscriber would. This offers both savings and a stability of costs that is enviable. But VOIP calling is about more than just saving a few bucks; it can also improve organizational efficiency and customer experience significantly. Read on to learn how…

2. Streamline Incoming Calls.

With VOIP software, you can answer incoming calls on your office phone or your smartphone — ensuring that you never leave clients waiting. This offers convenience for you and a more responsive experience for your customers. Don’t let your business be limited by whether or not you happen to be in your office! The 21st century marketplace is dynamic and highly mobile, so let Epik Network’s smartphone integration ensure that you are, as well!

3. Integrate with Other Software.

Here is a quick overview of some of the integrated features that Hosted PBX /VOIP calling with Epik Networks includes:

● Call Recording, which can be very useful for training employees, and for settling potential disputes in an objective and professional manner.
● Voicemail/Email Integration, which provides prompt electronic notice of an incoming voicemail along with essential caller information.
● Call Filtering, which can help improve security and increase efficiency by reducing wasted time.
● Call Routing, which streamlines customers, potential customers, and employees directly to the person with whom they need to speak.
● The Epik Wallboard, which gives you full view over the way you utilize our service.
● 3rd Party App Integration, which allows you to further customize your VOIP experience.

4. Take Advantage of Business-Friendly VOIP Pricing at Epik Networks!

We understand that every business operates on a budget, and we firmly believe that effective calling solutions should be a realistic option for every organization. That’s why we offer a diverse range of packages, from small-mid-business oriented VOIP to enterprise-level solutions, complete with a variety of services such as our UC One unified communications suite.

If you want to learn more details on how our services work (and how they could be working for you) then simply get in touch with Epik Networks today — we’ll be glad to help!

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