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More Companies are Outsourcing Their Phone Management

Updated: April 9, 2013

The ever-increasing pace of technology and business has made outsourced telephony accessible to companies across the board. What was once the streamlining of the large offices and staffs is today a common strategy moved by cost savings and exciting new value propositions. Many publications now support the value of outsourced communications to many business activities, ranging from information technology to accounting.

When looking at the market trends and the potential it’s clear that telecommunication is also evolving into a managed service. When you outsource your business telephone services, day-to-day responsibilities for voice and data management is transferred to a specialized outside vendor. That’s a significant load off the staff of any company! The vendor sets up and maintains the hardware and software providing many support services including technical support, remote monitoring, troubleshooting, repairs and ongoing upgrades. This also covers a company's telephony needs and customizable solutions for messaging and conferencing.

The best CIOs and CFOs are always on the lookout to improve performance and save on expenses. Outsourcing the company's phone services certainly offers financial benefits. There is notable evidence that most companies have saved anywhere from 15% to 30% in communication costs while gaining an edge in efficiency, versatility, and capacity.

Cost savings and ROI is crucial for any business decision, but that’s not the only reason businesses are turning towards outsourcing telecommunications solution.


A Single Source Solution

When you choose a hosted service provider you are initiating a relationship with a singular company. This avoids a lot of potential problems. Think of working within an overextended team: the more people bringing different perspectives to the table the more likely it is for complications to arise. Multiple vendors follow this model, increasing the chances of problems, small and large. You are relying on more than one company to successfully grant you service, with multiple sets of risks and different approaches to them. This can result in more network downtime, lagging technology, and various unexpected costs.

On top of the complications, you have to invest in and manage many B2B relationships with varying guarantees and business philosophies. Outsourcing your phone services to a single company allows you to effectively bundle all your service payments as well as contain potential hiccups. There is one team approaching any problem in a systematic and transparent manner. Just like that, businesses receive a new level of clarity, accountability and speedy management.

And perhaps most importantly, you participate in a real relationship with visible people and personalities committed to your communications. Without the back and forth of multiple service vendors, you get the chance to know your provider’s representatives, making it is more than just contracts, obligations and payments.


Higher Reliability

Given the risks that come with technology, it’s important to consistently update your system… unless someone else can do it for you. Owners and managers can sleep easy thanks to the industry-leading services that accompany the technology. You gain a direct link to full support if anything unexpected occurs.

Since the typical on-premise system can fail in so many different ways, your IT team may not always have the solution. Between staffing full-time IT and the occasions that require external IT, there’s a lot to lose just to regain normal operations.

Outsourced telecom is designed for maximum uptime to ensure your company is always capable of conducting business. And the moment it isn’t performing, a professional and focused team is on task—no fees, no surprises.


Transfer Responsibility

Who wouldn’t take the opportunity to protect their company from the complexity of communication technology and management?

Outsourcing phone services effectively shift obligations to the vendor allowing your company to focus on its actual goals. The telecom provider completely covers VOIP and data services from start to finish and from end-to-end. Companies gain access to an expert team that knows the technology—implementing tried, tested and proven methods—as opposed to traditional in-house staff that tends to be stronger or weaker in certain situations.

And let’s not forget the additional services that protect your investment in a changing technological landscape. From adding, moving or dropping lines, to configuring and customizing the phone system, to hardware upgrades—experts that know the technology and know the client address everything.


Optimize IT Resources

With your IT team stress-free with their new network up and running, you can put them to work on bigger, better things. The ROI on internal IT grows considerably as they begin to focus on projects that increase performance and revenue instead of dealing with technical difficulties.

It’s easy to miscalculate exactly how much support is actually required to keep an on-premise system running correctly. An internal team needs a lot of dedication and expertise when managing a capable telephone system. There are many more troubleshooting and hiccups that can burn time and effort. Whether it is working towards streamlining operations, mission-critical applications, or implementing new business processes, your IT team could be adding value to your company by alleviating internal telecom concerns.

Even for small and mid-size businesses, the days of the traditional phone systems are numbered. More businesses are making the switch to communication outsourcing services and reaping the benefits of an easily managed yet powerful telecommunication technology.

The times have changed. The question is not whether you should change with them, but rather, which VOIP provider can best make that change for you?


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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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