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VoIP Business Phone Systems

An office phone system you can take wherever you go, use on any device, and integrate with your existing systems.
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Business Voip Devices

VoIP Phone Systems for Businesses that Demand More

Transform your office into a smart office with VoIP phones that follow you wherever you go, seamlessly transfer calls between devices, and are connected with other business applications and systems.
Office Phone System Mobility

Total Voice

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Office Phone Essentials
Local Phone Number - included
Local calling - Unlimited
*Long Distance Canada/USA - 250 pooled minutes / per user / per month included
Audio meetings for up to 15 people

Webex Basic

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Everything in Total Voice Plus
Free 30-day trial
UC-One mobile and desktop application
Webex Meetings
Free Webex Meetings for 3 months
(Audio/Video 200 people)
Easy migration from UC-One to to Webex Teams (update available Oct 2020)
You can mix up the Webex service plans across the Organization
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Call management and phone system administration
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Webex Standard

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Everything in Total Voice Plus
*Upgrade Long Distance Canada/USA - 500 pooled minutes / per user / per month included
Easy migration from UC-One to Webex Teams (update available OCT 2020)
Team Collaboration
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Inbound FAX mailbox
****Integrations with MS Teams add-on, MS Calendar

Office VoIP Phone Features

All the VoIP phone features you expect including Call Transfer and Forwarding, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Softphones, and much more.
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Ease of Deployment, Flexible Management, and Simple Adoption of New Features without sacrificing voice quality.
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Hi-Def Personal Communication and Interactive Collaboration.
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Cisco Business Messaging with your team via text makes compliance, collaboration, security and reporting a breeze.
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Online Fax

Digital Fax means Easy Document Management without compromise.
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Native Apps

Secure Voice, Video, Messaging and Collaboration from apps designed to work natively on your mobile devices.
Icon Unified Communications

Unified Communications

All of your devices use the same phone system, so you can stay connected and all devices stay synced.
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Business VoIP Phones

Enterprise-grade VoIP service with the best VoIP phones delivers unbelievable voice quality and performance.
Cisco Phone 229x224
Cisco 8851
Voip Softphone 367x261
Voip Conference Phone 385x198
Polycom Trio 8800
Cisco 7821 Office Phone 289x232
Cisco 7800 Series
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VoIP in the Cloud

Epik Networks delivers fully managed voice and collaboration services powered by Cisco WebEx technology, with lower upfront costs and simplified deployment and management. Time and training savings for your IT team and more control and customization for your users!

Simple, Affordable Billing

One Bill
Only Pay for what you Use
Easy to manage

Predictable and Scalable

Adjust Monthly according to your needs
Scale Up and Scale Down with Ease
Hosted VoIP Services

Powerful and Affordable Office Phone Systems

Get VoIP phones that are easy to set up, include all the features you need, and provide the best voice quality.
Office Voip Phone Dialing

Advanced features:

Video Conferencing without Expensive Equipment
Presence features
Automated attendant
Call recording, monitoring and logs
Hot desking

Best Value

Ease of use and management, flexible and customizable voice services, streamlined operations, and the best quality service.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Cisco is synonymous with rock solid infrastructure and highest levels of encryption. Cisco and Epik can meet even the most rigorous communications security requirements.

Best Performance

Our fiber backbone gives you unparalleled performance for the most bandwidth intensive applications. Our industry-leading SLAs means phone service you can depend on.

VoIP Phone Systems That Are More Than Just Phones

VoIP used to primarily mean voice telephony. Today VoIP phones can do so much more. Epik Networks offers enterprises the best VoIP phones, conferencing, and collaboration solutions that power communications for leading-edge businesses. Start instant collaborations from anywhere in the world on any device and share documents in real time using our Cisco WebEx technology.
Collaboration Solutions
Collaboration Solutions
Industry Viop Solutions

Office Phone Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Go beyond implementing new office phones. Get a complete communications solution architected, deployed, and maintained for your unique business needs.

Give your employees an office phone system that empowers them to work better and communicate more effectively.
Industry Solutions

Small Business Phone Systems

Small and medium-sized business office phone systems that lower costs without sacrificing business-enabling technology or fantastic service.

Voice services are easy to provision and easy to manage by non-technical staff. Epik Network’s small business solutions are flexible, and customizable by end users. No IT staff needed! Take your communications to the next level with collaboration solutions that let your team work together more efficiently and effectively.

Best of all, you don’t need an IT department to manage everything - and if you do, they’ll love how easy and quick it is to maintain your phone system. IT staff are freed up to work on projects that help your business succeed instead of spending time working on hardware.

Enterprise Phone Systems

Large businesses require the highest levels of security. Our Cisco-powered solutions offer enterprise-grade security and encryption that can meet the most rigorous security requirements.

Our communications solutions can include dedicated fiber-optic internet, redundant VoIP services, and the best VoIP phones - deployed to multiple offices nationwide. Need to roll out the upgrade slowly? We’ll organize a migration strategy that lets you move partial systems, departments, or offices to an enterprise cloud solution.

You get a one-to-one consultation and needs assessment to determine the best solution and deployment strategy for your organization.

Real Estate

VoIP for real estate requires a reliable and responsive system with features that allow your team to understand availability, transfer and forward calls, and take advantage of voicemail advanced features.


Epik Business VoIP services can assure your data remains in Canada. Advanced features of the reliable high fidelity VoIP service Epik offers make it the perfect choice for law firms big and small. Seamless mobile integration, call recording and reports for compliance and billing set it apart from the traditional voice solution.


Business VoIP provides all the advanced features needed to maintain compliance and provide for cost efficient, rapid growth. Epik Network’s Canadian Cloud infrastructure and Cisco technology means reliable, trustworthy service for your clients that meets and exceeds Canadian legal requirements.


Dealerships are in constant flux and need a phone system that can move at the speed of business; Epik’s Cisco WebEx Cloud solution makes moves, adds and changes fast and easy. Growth is fast and easy. Communication between locations is seamless and people on the floor can communicate with the rest of the office from their mobile phones via native app with Voice or Messaging. Video calling enables a remote review of a vehicle’s condition easy and interactive.


A Business VoIP system from Epik Networks assures your patient data is secure on a Canadian fiber network. Your network is seamlessly connected and staff are able to move freely and stay completely available via voice and messaging.

Remote medicine in your future? Already here? Our Cisco WebEx solutions allow you to do remote video calls and even video conferencing between the field and multiple hospitals. Cost controls and excellent quality without having to sacrifice flexibility nor growth with a cloud enabled solution.


Hospitality communication requirements change daily, but are still cost sensitive. Staff are in the field and need to be able to communicate without being tied to a desk or carry expensive radio equipment. Epik uses secure Cisco technology to deliver on all these requirements and much more.

Deliver a better customer experience with Epik’s high fidelity fiber backbone and Cisco technology for your guests.

Upgrade Your Communications with Epik Networks

Get started by requesting a needs assessment or consultation today. We can make your move to the cloud fast, easy, and affordable.
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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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“It worked flawlessly out of the gate. Everything was easy to set up, the reliability was there and when we did the cost benefit analysis it really made good business sense to move onto that platform. And we haven’t looked back...”
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Get Webex FREE for 90 Days
For a limited time, and in response to the global pandemic, Epik Networks and Cisco are offering free Webex licenses for 90 days. Get your free Webex license today.


COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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