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Meet Me Conferencing

  • HD voice & suupport for large number of participants
  • Easy set-up for scheduled, on-demand, and instant conferencing
  • Web-based moderator client with integrated recording and retrieval

Business Audio Conferencing

Epik’s Meet-Me Audio Conferencing provides a full range of conferencing capabilities, from simple reservation-less conferencing to enterprise-class scheduled conferencing that hosts hundreds of users.

One platform for all communications services eliminates the need for 3rd Party conferencing solutions and includes a unified, browser-based interface for scheduling conferences and controlling and recording calls in process.

Team of happy employees in a small business

Conference Scheduling

Meet-Me Conferencing supports Instant Conferencing to meet the needs of a few participants, and Business Conferencing to support formal scheduled conferences with hundreds of participants.

Meet Me Conferencing Benefits:

  • HD Voice (G.722)
    • High-quality voice reduces meeting fatigue.
  • Easier Scheduling
    • Microsoft Outlook add-on provides integrated scheduling options.
  • Web-based Moderator Client
    • Moderators can login from anywhere to view and manage participants.

Easy & User-Friendly

Designed to provide an easy-to-use, fully-integrated user experience, BroadWorks Meet-Me Conferencing can be enabled from a user’s phone, or a web portal, and leaders can manage active calls using a web-based meeting portal.

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Meet-me Conferencing Data Sheet

For more information about Meet-Me Audio Conferencing, download our product data sheet.