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Interaction Recording For Business

SmartRecord is the market leading, carrier-grade interaction recording system, developed specifically for mission-critical environments.

Interaction recording is used by businesses for a variety of reasons including regulatory compliance, liability protection, and staff training and performance monitoring. Remaining legally compliant is vital to your business success, and our Call Recording feature substantially lowers your risk. Our cost-effective, user-friendly Call Recording solution ensures that you have the flexibility, scalability, and compliance coverage you need – with no capital investment in
hardware or software.

  • Audio Recording
  • HTML5 responsive UI with embedded media player
  • Live call monitoring and real-time alerting
  • Call archive utility
  • CRM integration
  • Call detail reporting

Advanced Features

Video & Text Based Communication Recording

Real-time speech analytics

Screen recording for agent interaction

Agent evaluation toolset for performance and training management

Application Benefits:

  • Sophisticated web-based solution for an “always on” experience
  • Easily customizable user interface
  • Simple point-and-click user interface
  • Compatible with different countries and time zones
  • Call annotation capabilities for electronic bookmarking
  • Hierarchical administrative access structure to help maintain data integrity
  • Automated integration with familiar, non-proprietary system media players
  • Privacy features established at the tenant administration level to monitor sensitive information
  • Superior data encryption process results in industry-leading security

Bringing You Internationalization and Superior Security

Language and time zone barriers are now a thing of the past. Our advanced internationalization features guarantee that you can fully benefit from our Call Recording solution, regardless of your geographic location.

We understand how important data security is to your business. A superior data encryption process ensures your calls are well protected. In addition, recorded calls required for legal, regulatory, or compliance purposes can be safely transferred from our web-based system to your proprietary system individually or in batches.

Our Call Recording application is offered on a per seat cost basis and requires no substantial capital investment, its the perfect solution for your business. With superior scalability, we offer a solution that grows with you.

Your business requires a powerful, reliable means of recording, protecting, and transferring your phone data.

Business Compliance

SmartRecord® will provide your business customers with a service to assist in compliance with various standards including:

  • PCI DSS (Global)
  • ISO 9001 (Global)
  • FCA (UK)
  • MiFID (Europe)
  • CPNI (USA)
  • SSAE 16 (USA)

Get a Free 30-Day Trial

For a limited time, get a complete business cloud communications system free for 30-days. 

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