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In-Depth Digital Wallboards

Akixi’s portfolio of wallboards, reports and value-added features is vast and varied, providing maximum scope to customize our service to your exact needs – whether you’re a small business or running several call centers in multiple locations. You’ll enjoy maximum visibility and control with a choice of over 200 sets of historic and real time statistics, brought to life with easy-to-assimilate charts, dials and alarms.

  • Visual Scorecard
    • Instantly informs the user about the status of calls on the system
      with visual cues determined by the user. Statistics include calls in queue, agents logged in, service level, total calls, and longest wait.
  • Agent Availability & Presence
    • Informs the user as to the status of agents logged in to the system including their extension, name, and status, time in status and the number associated with their busy status.
  • Multiple Queues
    • Allows the user to view visual scorecards for individual queues or across all selected queues.
  • Real-time Charts
    • Enables the user to view charts displaying real time information about agents and queues for up to 24 hours.

Powerful Analytics

If telephone contact plays a key role in your business, Epik Call Reporting powered by Akixi can give you a truly transformative edge. Our cloud-based call analytics and call management services lead the industry in both innovation and value, offering unprecedented insight into how your contact processes are working, and how you can optimize them for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience.


Understand your business as never before


See what happens to calls from beginning to end


Optimize resources and costs


Deliver outstanding customer service

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Get a Free 30-Day Trial

For a limited time, get a complete business cloud communications system free for 30-days. 

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