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Hosted Call Center Solution

Upgrade your call center with Epik Network’s CC-One - a truly unified, omni-channel contact center solution hosted on the cloud. Manage, track, and handle interactions with customers regardless of their communication channel of preference.


Deliver more value to your customers while maximizing the sales and service outcomes that drive your business forward. Monitor, track, and manage customer interactions across email, voice, chat, instant message, and social channels.

Maximize the effectiveness and utilization of call center resources to reduce costs, improve customer service, and increase sales. Monitor agent performance, customer behavior, and business outcomes. Use analytics to drive operations and business decisions. Stay ahead of the game with a hosted contact center solution that scales as you grow.

    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Increase Conversion Rates
    • Scalability For Every Size Business
    • Increase Customer Retention
    • Reduce Abandon Rates
    • Salesforce Integration
    • Seamless Installation
    • Powerful Analytics
CC-One Overview


Gone are the days of costly reactive customer service. With CC-One customer service analytics, you can predict issues that a customer will encounter with their product or service, at their stage in their customer journey - so you can match them to the best agent and resolve their problem on the first interaction.

    • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • Increase First Call Resolutions
    • Understand Agent and Customer Behavior
    • Predict Customer Needs
    • Reduce Call Times
    • Increase Customer Retention
5 Reasons To Use Analytics
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Use predictive analytics to route customers with agents that have a performance record of converting customers with similar demographics. Use agent performance data to match callers with agents that have a proven track record for the customer’s product or service.

Use priority routing to prioritize customers that are more likely to purchase based on their stage in the customer journey. And with Salesforce integration, you can empower your agents with customer identities, history, intent, phone, and IVR selections - giving them the tools they need to close more sales.

    • Agent Performance Analytics
    • Increase Sales Team Efficiency
    • Increase Close Rates, Sales & Revenue
    • Value Based Routing
    • Performance Based Routing
    • Demographic Based Routing
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Never before have contact centers had a solution that not only reduced costs, but also increased efficiency, all while increasing customer service and sales. With Epik’s hosted call center solution you can make the most of your contact center. With CC-One, use a unified dashboard to view operational and business data in real-time.

Know which calls produce revenue based on demographics and other attributes - and route those calls to your best agents based on true agent performance. Leverage in-house, at-home, and outsourced agents when it makes sense without sacrificing business results. Create and monitor KPIs that map operations to business performance.

    • Eliminate Costly On-Permise Systems
    • Route Calls To Outsourced Agents
    • Monitor True Agent Performance & Efficiency
    • Optimize Use Of Call Center Experts
    • Leverate Calls To Outsourced Agents
    • Manage Performance & Interactions Across All Channels
Metrics You Should Know


Although multi-channel solutions offer customers the option of choosing their communication channel of choice, they lack the ability of retaining the conversational context between channels. A unified hosted call center solution offers customer interactions over web, voice, email, chat and social channels - all while retaining the context of the conversations between channels.

Your customers will experience a seamless communications journey which results in improved customer satisfaction and retention rates. Call center agents also benefit from back office collaboration via voice chat and video. Omni-channel customer engagement increases customer trust and rapport while empowering agents with a high level view at every touchpoint.


Match each customer with the best agent using advanced algorithms that increase call resolutions and call center efficiency. With intelligent call routing, you can route customer to agents with the best sales records on similar customer or product sales.

Manage agents based on training, skill level, personal characteristics, personalities, and match customers with an ideal agent. Predictive routing allows your call center to be more customer-centric by minimizing wait times, reducing abandoned calls, and prioritizing previous abandons. Predictive routing also balances workload among your call center agents and lowers network costs by making better use of call center resources.


With as much as 40% of calls requiring access to a subject matter expert, instant access for agents is an essential resource for improving customer interactions. Empower your agents with access to subject matter experts, at the time of need, in order to resolve customer needs quickly and efficiently. With CC-One your agents can access back office experts using high quality audio, video, email or messaging.

Access to subject matter experts reduces call handle times, call transfers, decreases costs, improves first call resolutions, and results in more satisfied customers. And with a cloud based contact center solution, your experts can be anywhere, anytime, and still stay accessible to your agents.

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Epik Network’s CC-One hosted call center solution allows for call center management, administration, routing and reporting all from within Salesforce. Call center managers can review cases, monitor volumes, monitor calls, join calls and listen to recordings, all without leaving the Salesforce environment. Agents gain a consolidated agent interface that makes handling omni-channel interactions easier.

With our integrated Salesforce App you can leverage your Salesforce data by using it to improve your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call routing strategies. We can even help you import your data, so your analytics can start working for you right away!


An omni-channel hosted call center solution, combined with Salesforce integration, delivers a 360 degree view of your customers’ experience and agent performance. Explore and analyze customer interactions, agent activity, operations and results. Monitor behaviours, processes, and cross-system KPIs to gain a better understanding of what is driving the business and performance outcomes you want. And with Voice of Customer Analytics you can use speech and text analytics to gain a better understanding of how the customer feels about your products or services. 360 Customer Journey Analytics is a doorway into understanding your customers, so your agents can better serve them.


CC-One creates a voice caller queue in the cloud that can be routed to any agent, site, or outsourcing partner. Using workforce management and dynamic scheduling you can control agent participation and availability. A global queue hosted in the cloud means customers wait in the same line but get connected to the best available agent to address their needs, no matter where that agent may be located.

With a cloud contact center solution, agents can get connected to subject matter experts, even if those experts are not in the same location. Need a seasonal boost in agents? CC-One allows you to leverage at-home, cross-site, or outsourced agents to meet your demands as they change - all without compromising your customer experience.

hosted call center solutions for businesses of all sizes


Whether you’re a small, medium, or large scale business, Epik’s CC-One hosted call center solution can meet your needs and scale as you grow. Only pay for what you use when you use it. Add ommunication channels as you incorporate them into your business. Route calls to in-house, at-home, or outsourced agents - all while maintaining a high quality consistent experience for your customers. With CC-One you get up and running in days and achieve ROI in a few months.

    • Pay Only For What You Use
    • Add Features As You Need Them
    • Leverage Outsourced Agents
    • Single or Multi-Site Managment
    • Transition Slowly To The Cloud
    • CC-One Scales As You Grow
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