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Hosted PBX

Epik's TOTAL VOICE Hosted PBX phone solution, provides a level of simplicity and flexibility that traditional PBX and in-house voice services can’t deliver. And often at a more affordable rate.

Make The Switch

Traditional PBX phone systems can no longer compete with Hosted PBX technology. Plus, switching to a Hosted PBX solution is simple!

We ensure an easy handoff to TOTAL VOICE from your outdated PBX system. You can use your existing phone numbers and transition to a Hosted PBX system with no downtime.

Our ability to seamlessly deploy is second to none. Let us help you make the switch!

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hosted pbx business phone system


Hosted VOIP is commonly referred to as Hosted PBX. Hosted PBX is a business VOIP service where all the equipment required is hosted on the cloud and managed by the VOIP provider.

The provider manages and routes calls to and from the client’s existing telephony system and equipment. A business with a hosted PBX telephony system can save the expensive costs of having to invest in equipment, as well as the costs to manage the system and maintain the equipment.

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Total Voice

Our TOTAL VOICE Hosted PBX solution offers all the features of a traditional PBX phone system, plus extra functionality and advanced calling features. You'll enjoy more control over your communications with a scalable, affordable solution that can enhance your productivity.

Business Essentials

Manage your Hosted PBX solution with options that are priced per user, per feature.

    • Advanced Cloud-Based Technology
    • Customizable Service Options
    • HD Voice Quality
    • Extended Features


We deploy enterprise-level technology for your business - any size and any situation.

    • Unified Communication Service
    • Broadsoft Carrier-grade Platform


Our 100% fiber backbone allows for affordable high-definition calls across the continent with dedicated points of presence in several major cities.

    • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed
    • Fully Cisco Powered

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Empower your team to work smarter, faster and more effectively with a Hosted PBX service that is customized with productivity-enhancing features. Easily control costs by adding or removing user-specific features through our browser-based web portal and admin settings.

Collaboration & Productivity


Epik Networks offers a full suite of BroadWorks conferencing solutions, from simple ad-hoc conferences such as N-Way calls, to full-featured Meet-Me Audio Conferencing.

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Connect and collaborate from any laptop, computer, or mobile device. Epik's UC-One brings together essential communications services to enhance business productivity.

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Unlike traditional PBX and on-premise phone systems, TOTAL VOICE easily scales to any number of locations. Multiple offices, satellite locations and remote employees benefit from one set of communication solutions.

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Administrative Tools


Epik's Call Center is a carrier-class, communications management product for Call Center agents and supervisors used with the BroadWorks® telephony softswitch platform, on which call centers are hosted.

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Receptionist is a carrier-class Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Attendant Console, specifically developed for hosted environments. It is used by "front-of-house" receptionists or telephone attendants, who screen inbound calls for enterprises.

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Enterprise Portal

The Loki User WebPortal is a purpose-built, intuitive web portal for Epik customers that allows enterprise IT administrators and end-users to simplify the configuration and management of their Epik Unified Communications services. It ensures easy self-service configuration and administration by system users.

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Enhanced Features


Handle calls to your business efficiently with the use of an automated attendant. Record customized greetings and direct customers to the right person quickly and easily. Unified Messaging : Send voice or video messages to other people. Use voicemail-to-email to easily access your voicemails on your computer.


Record calls for compliance, customer service, dispute resolution, order verification and more to keep quality assurance a top priority.

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Detailed statistics give you all the information you need to optimize your voice operations. Identify customer service issues, call duration, hold times, call routes and seasonal traffic peaks to improve efficiency and caller satisfaction.

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Conference Room

Start a meeting packed with all the productivity software features of UC-One, all at a click of your mouse. Easily schedule meetings, send invites, and share files and ideas.

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Epik Hub

With integrations for Salesforce, Office 365,
G Suite, and Twitter, Hub empowers businesses to transform every day communications dialogues by bringing together real-time communications and commonly used cloud applications.

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Support & Monitoring

Our clients enjoy worry free telecommunications! Our staff is on top of critical service information, ensuring that your network is working smoothly. We monitor and analyze our entire network in

real-time, and get in-depth performance metrics for all our VoIP Phones, routers, switches, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices.


Our trained technicians take care of everything hardware and software including installation, configuration and maintenance. Just call Epik Networks and you can speak with a live rep within 60 seconds.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Epik Networks deploys sophisticated remote monitoring systems to detect any potential problems at the earliest possible time. In most cases, remedies are in place before there is any impact on end-users.

Epik's Total Voice
Hosted PBX


On-Premise PBX

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benefits of hosted pbx vs traditional pbx system

Benefits of Hosted PBX


We own and access private GIGABIT fiber optic networks across North America. That means amazing speed and no bottlenecks. Within the metropolitan coverage areas and Epik buildings, our network is all-optical.We have dedicated Point-of-Presence (POP) within select Fiber Lit buildings.


Managing the growth of your business telephony requirements with a Hosted PBX service is much easier than with a traditional on-premise PBX systems.

There is no longer any need to worry about scalability and upgrades due to capacity requirements. Managing line cards, trunk cards or space in your capacity is not required.


Maintaining a traditional PBX system can be expensive and time consuming for your business. Hosted PBX eliminates expensive and complicated on-site phone systems.

Plus, you can feel confident knowing that our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Epik’s Hosted PBX System is run on a privately managed and secure data network - not the public internet.

Running exclusively over our private network, your business will enjoy enterprise-grade voice quality and security. We maintain your updates, security patches and fixes, eliminating issues associated with version control and compatibility.


Our Hosted PBX solution is more reliable and redundant than on-site PBX systems - even when used in the most up-to-date configuration.

Hosted PBX solutions can also endure physical on-site disasters like fires, flooding or electrical problems. You maintain an active off-site phone system throughout these situations, securing your business critical operations and preventing equipment loss.


The online admin portal makes it easy to manage your users, setup and manage call and hunt groups, and create a company directory with company-wide speed dials. You don't need specialized technical knowledge, and you can say goodbye to pricey service calls. Move, add and change—made easy.


With our managed Hosted PBX solution there's no need for your business to buy, lease or maintain an on-site phone system. Simply choose the number of phones you need and pick the best package for each user.

Grow your business at your own pace and with ease while paying only for what you use. You can also easily adjust the number of end-users making staff fluctuations more fluid and less costly.


On-site PBX phone systems can quickly become outdated. Upgrades and updates are included in our TOTAL VOICE Hosted PBX solution so you won't have to worry about technological obsolescence or costly additions.Adding new capabilities to your business phone system is affordable and simple.


Each end-user can have tools specialized to their role, increasing their efficiency and capabilities.The simple end-user web portal provides call logs, preference-based call routing, click-to-call dialing, visual voicemail, and many more features that enhance to your business communications.


With a Hosted PBX solution, people working from home or any other remote location can take and manage a call just like they were sitting at their desk. There’s no equipment necessary to get them linked-up. You can avoid the extra costs of residential and cellular call rates, and instead leverage your corporate rates for your entire virtual office.


Our TOTAL VOICE Hosted PBX solutions allows for simple and uniform deployment in as many locations as needed. Using a singular Hosted PBX system allows every end-user to experience the same interface and applications.

Callers experience the same greetings and directory options across your organization. Callers can also reach staff in other locations using direct extension dialing. Different locations can relieve others in peak hours or seasons in all time zones.

Epik Networks

One Network. One Source. One Solution.

Here is a list of reasons why companies are choosing Epik Networks for their Hosted PBX Solutions.


Trained technicians are as close as the elevator when you call Epik you'll speak with a live rep within 60 seconds.


Epik experts handle the capacity, performance and configuration of your Hosted PBX system.


Save 10-30% on your capital costs and operational expenditures. Our Hosted PBX solutions can generate an average of 30-50% savings from leading phone company rates.


Our fiber network utilizes the highest level of security protocols, ensuring your data is safe so you can operate your business worry-free.

Priced Right Just for you

We can help you find the right fit. Our team is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Pair your Hosted PBX solution with Epik’s lightning fast fiber optic internet service to receive our full service level guarantee, and the best Hosted PBX experience possible.

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