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Administration, Simplicity & Speed

What is UC-One Enterprise Portal?

UC-One Enterprise Portal is an easy-to-use application for performing administration of UC-One users and features. It’s simple and intuitive, requiring no new skills or training, empowering IT administrators to have full control over UC-related administration such as adding new users, assigning devices and features, managing site specific features, and configuring hunt groups, auto-attendants, collaborate bridges and voice portals.

UC-One Enterprise Portal centralizes UC administration for all your sites in the cloud.Changes happen quickly, in real-time, minimizing workflow disruption or delays, and increasing organizational productivity.

Most importantly, administrators can perform the site survey, activation, and configuration from one easy tool.

We designed the Enterprise Portal using Responsive Design, an innovative approach that adapts to your viewing environment. It gives you the flexibility to view the application
from any size screen or web browser, so you can perform UC administration from anywhere – on your pc or tablet, and enjoy the same intuitive experience.

Centralized User Management

Maximize efficiency and minimize workload for IT staff. Minimize workflow disruption and delays, and speed up new hire onboarding.

  • Create Users
    • Add UC-One users using your desktop or mobile device. Enable telephony features like BroadWorks Anywhere calling. Configure settings for hold, transfer, conferencing, voicemail, forwarding, do not disturb, call decline, shared call and miltiple call appearance, and more.
  • Manage Client Licenses
    • Assign client licenses to UC users to grant access to desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Assign UC Features
    • Assign UC-One features to each user, such as voice/video calling, Presence status, instant messaging, desktop sharing, and My Room collaboration.
  • Configure Mobility
    • The UC-One Connect and UC-One Meet mobile apps provide the foundation for mobile UC. The configuration settings are easily performed within the app by each user.
  • Assign Numbers & Devices
    • You can assign phone numbers and devices to UC-One users and Enterprise Portal tracks your service packs and number inventory, so you can plan accordingly.

Easily Configure Services

Keep up with demands of business, and increase organizational productivity  and profit.

  • Auto Attendants
    • Configure the basic auto attendant menu and call routing for business and non-business hours and other basic features.
  • Hunt Groups
    • Configure hunt group routing to distribute calls to groups like customer service or sales. Auto Attendants and Hunt Groups can be combined to form a flexible and simple call distribution strategy for your business..
  • Collaborate Bridges
    • Assign collaborate bridges to users for audio conference calling.
  • Voice Portal
    • Add and change the routing of voice commands for incoming calls to the business.

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