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Here’s What You Get with UC-one communicator

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single app that lets you connect, share, create, meet, and work with colleagues and customers, from the device of your choice?

UC-One Editions

Ideal for business professionals, UC-One lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

All our UC-One Editions include our Total Voice and UC-One standard features, plus some extras as you move up…

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User WebPortal

Unified Messaging

Voice-Mail to Email

View All Contacts

Add Contacts

Manage Contact Favorites

Manage Contact Groups

View Contact Profile

Search Enterprise Directory

View Full Enterprise Directory

Send Email to Contact

View Contact Presence 

On-demand Presence

Manually Set Presence

Automatically Set Presence

Set Location on Presence

Set Personal Message on Presence

Presence Rules

One-to-One and Group Chat

File Transfer (One-to-One only)

Chat Recording Indicator

Chat Security Classification

Place and Receive Audio Calls

Place and Receive Video Calls

Call From Desk Phone option

1×1 Video Calling

N-Way Audio Call

Mute/Unmute, Hold/Resume

Transfer Call – Blind, Attended

Call Pull

Call Park / Retrieve

Incoming Call Slient Alerting Mode

Highlight to Call

Auto Answer

Call Recording – Quick Access button

Owner Initiated Screen Share

Owner Stop Participant Share

Join and Call MyRoom

Send MyRoom Invite

Add Participant to MyRoom (Chat)

Moderator Controls (Meet-Me)

Chat History and details

Enhanced Call Logs

Visual Voicemail

Advanced Directory Search

Outlook Contact Search

DND, Call Forward multi-option

BroadWorks Anywhere

Simultaneous and Sequential Ring

Remote Office

Hide Number

Queues (Call Center)

Call Waiting

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatic Callback

Multiple Device Synchronized Support

Outlook Add-in

Multiple Languages

Meet-Me Voice Conferencing (up to 10)

UC-One advanced edition

UC-One Advanced is ideal for placing and taking calls, sharing information and communicating with coworkers. It’s simple and efficient for Integrated communications with reliable voice quality. It’s streamlined for easy file sharing, meetings and scheduling. Ideal for coordinating through voice and video conferences, utilizing easy scheduling, sharing documents and calendars on the fly. IP phones are optional!

Possible Add-Ons:
Broadworks Call Center
Call Reporting
Call Recording

IP Desk Phone is Optional with UC-One, but if preferred here’s our recommended model for entry-level users:
Polycom VVX 300

UC-One Performance Edition

For: EOs, Senior Management, Directors, Team Leaders.

UC-One Performance is for the leader that needs to be in sync with her/his team. It provides the simplicity of a single interface, consistent availability, and intuitive functionality that saves you time when managing countless calls, contacts and reports.  High-quality multi-party video and audio conference is clicks away.  Flexibility and connectivity are the hallmark features.

Possible Add-Ons:
Call Reporting
Call Recording

IP Desk Phone is Optional with UC-One, but if preferred here’s our recommended model for top-level users :
Cisco 8851

Meraki Layer-7 Visibility and Control

Cisco Meraki’s self-learning Layer 7 traffic analytics engine provides visibility, control, and actionable data. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Meraki Traffic Analytics Engine

Control Your BYOD Environment

Get the complete solution brief that will walk you through all of the powerful BYOD features of Cisco APs.

Cisco Wireless Ap

Get a Free 30-Day Trial

For a limited time, get a complete business cloud communications system free for 30-days. 

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