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Work should be what you do, not where you do it. Empower your team to stay in touch and access information from anywhere, on any device.


Unified Communications (UC) is a new technological architecture whereby communication tools are integrated using VoIP so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one entity instead of separately.

A Unified Communications solution brings together all the ways your business communicates and lets them work with one another in one system which can ultimately make your business much more efficient.


The Broadsoft UC-One Unified Communications platform brings together essential communications services, such as instant messaging, presence, voice and video calling, multi-party video collaboration, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance business productivity.

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uc-one unified communications for businesses

Better Customer Service

Team members can access information quickly and provide better customer service. Unified Communications provides improved workforce productivity and dynamic collaboration, simplified business processes, reduced operational costs, and better customer service.

More Flexibility

This new way of working frees up your business from the constraints of physical locations, giving everyone - including guests - a fast and easy way to get business done from desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Spend less time trying to connect, and more time communicating with UC-One’s Unified Communications platform

stay connected with unified communications


The Broadsoft UC-One Unified Communications platform brings together essential communications services such a VoIP phone system, instant messaging, presence, multi-party video conferencing, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance business productivity.

Connected Mobility

Experience mobility and flexibility while enhancing your interaction between offices, business partners and customers. Access your corporate directory from any device for immediate calling, messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and more.

Unify All Your Devices

Move freely between desk phones, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Never miss a call, wherever you are.

Business Features On Your Mobile Device

Upgrade your mobile device with UC-One’s advanced voice features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, call recording, visual voice mail, one number service and more. With our Unified Communications solutions, you can have office extensions, call routing, presence and many other features working seamlessly while on the go.

Your Own Virtual Meeting

Pop into your ‘always on’ virtual meeting room at any time. With My Room, you can invite both colleagues and guests to join in for interactive video, chat and desktop sharing, all from their browser or phone. With My Room, and UC-One’s Unified Communications platform, meetings are easy and efficient.

Stay connected and productive with UC-One’s Unified Communications solution.

Benefits of Unified Communications

A unified communications solution is not as complicated as it sounds, and yet offers much more flexibility, cost savings, enhancements and features that there are few reasons not to switch to a unified communications solution.

Some of the benefits of a the UC-One unified communications platform are:

    • Advanced​ ​Cloud-Based​ ​Technology
    • Customizable​ ​Service​ ​Options
    • HD​ ​Voice​ ​Quality
    • Feature​ ​Rich
    • Advanced​ ​Cloud-Based​ ​Technology
    • Customizable​ ​Service​ ​Options
    • HD​ ​Voice​ ​Quality
    • Feature​ ​Rich
mobility and connectivity with unified communications


Access enterprise capabilities while on the go on your mobile phone. With UC-One’s Unified Communications solution, you get access to all of the advanced calling, messaging, and collaboration features you need to keep you productive on the go.

Use your existing devices with uc-one


Change any company or personally owned desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone into a Total Voice ready communication tool. Enjoy the comfort of a preferred device boosting productivity and curbing tech anxiety. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has never made more sense.

productivity and collaboration with unified communications


Get voice and video calling, instant messaging, and presence without the hardware and an intuitive interface to keep it simple to use. Start with an instant message and click to push to a phone call or conference call, group chat or video conference. It’s that easy to stay connected and collaborate effectively.

cellular and long distance savings with unified communications


Use cellular data or Wi-Fi to minimize roaming, overage and long distance charges on cellular plans. Save money by extending TOTAL VOICE features like routing internal site-to-site calls over data networks from anywhere on any device. Our Unified Communications solution doesn’t just give you business enhancing tools and features - it can easily save up to 30% on communication costs as well.

UC-One Communicator

Connect, share, create, meet, and work with colleagues and customers, from the device of your choice. The Communicator app gives you access to business communications and collaboration services from your favorite device - wherever you happen to be. Communicator lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

    • Call and Message History
    • Call Forwarding
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Virtual Meeting Room
    • HD Video & Voice Calling
    • broadsoft unified communications logo

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My Room

Connect, share, create, meet, and work with colleagues and customers, from the device of your choice. The Communicator app gives you access to business communications and collaboration services from your favorite device - wherever you happen to be. Communicator lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

    • Call and Message History
    • Call Forwarding
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Virtual Meeting Room
    • HD Video & Voice Calling

Find out how My Room brings people closer together.

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uc-one calendar and email integration

Calendar & Email Tools

Intuitive tools to quickly create invites and emails that include information for employees, customers, partners and suppliers to connect from apps, browsers, and phones.

uc-one voice and video conferencing

HD Voice & Video Conferencing

Voice/Video conferencing for up to 30 people from apps, browsers and video capable phones. Video Conferencing improves comprehension and decision making with face to face communications.

uc-one chat and messaging

Multi-Party Chat & Messaging

Send and receive messages in My Room with all participants. Multi-party chat allows the team to share links, ask and answer questions, and engage in side bar conversations without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

uc-one file and screen sharing

Desktop & Screen Sharing

Share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, web pages, and other content with the team. Everyone is working off the same material, lowering errors.

For Businesses Of All Sizes

Epik Networks is focused solely on commercial and business clients. Our Unified Communications solutions have the ability to scale up, but also cost-effectively scale.

Regardless of the size of your business, our unified communications solutions are packed with features that can scale as you grow.

small business voip customer

Up And Coming

Small businesses can save on monthly bills all while getting all the benefits of commercial grade technology! Reduce captial costs and enhance your communications.

medium sized business voip customer

The Happy Medium

Our network is ideal for medium-sized companies looking for a safe return on investment through reliable communications.

large company voip customer

Big And Busy

Streamline your entire enterprise. Connect offices separated by large distances. It's simple to bring cities, buildings, and employees together.

Why Make The Switch To Unified Communications?

Unified Communications enables people to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly to improve business agility and results. These results include better user and group productivity, dynamic collaboration and simplified business processes, with the goal of increasing revenues, decreasing costs and improving customer service.

Here is what Unified Communications means for your business:

laptop video conference with unified communications software

Ease Of Use & Productivity

UC One provides end-users with a unified communications (UC) experience across mainstream mobile (tablets & mobile phones) and computer platforms (PCs and laptops) including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Epik's UC solution allows your business to easily deploy a single application to access voice, video, instant messaging and presence applications.

You will enjoy the freedom to access your services from almost any device. There’s nothing worse than having to bounce back and forth among calls, messaging and file-sharing apps designed for different functions and devices.

Once you’ve deployed your unified communications solution, you will have one convenient and easy-to-use interface for accessing instant messaging and presence, HD audio and video calling, desktop and file sharing, conferencing, mobility – and more.


UC-One® Unified Communications platform is purpose-built for productivity. With user-friendly services delivered from the cloud, you can quickly access information and connect with customers and colleagues to accelerate your business and build revenue.

With Unified Communications, you can locate, message call, and collaborate with colleagues, access your corporate directory, easily establish ad hoc conferences and use find me/follow me to never miss a call.


You can rest assured your data is always protected. Carrier-grade security and reliability are built into our UC-One products and services from the ground up.

The security controls we use have been validated by independent organizations to ensure they meet the highest certification and compliance standards.

In addition, our UC-One services are backed by five-tiered redundancy for 99.999% availability, and massive scalability that ensures business continuity at all times.


Unified Communications creates a streamlined workflow for improved productivity. Get quick access to your business contacts and corporate directory. View the status of all of your contacts at a glance, so you know who is online, or on the phone, before contacting them.

Chat with your colleagues securely and have your chat history saved securely in the cloud. When it’s time to meet with the team, jump into your virtual meeting space with just a single click. Keep everyone connected so they can communicate effectively when they’re apart as when they are when they are all in the same room.

proud partner of broadsoft unified communications provider


Get epik, be epic. Since 2007, we've been a leading Hosted PBX and fiber-optic based Internet company serving business clients across North America. We provide customized Unified Communications and Call Center solutions using our Broadsoft-powered (a Cisco company) platform, enabling a seamless transition for clients moving to an open, mobile and secure cloud service.

Our technology is future-proof; it can adapt to any changes in the industry, safeguarding our clients investments. Epik is a full service telecom provider, and an industry leader in hosted voice technology providing the best-in-class service.

Proud Partner With Broadsoft

Unified Communications is changing the way businesses operate. Epik is proud to partner with BroadSoft and offer their suite of technologies to small and medium businesses to make them more efficient and competitive.

Leadership & Innovation

BroadSoft, Epik’s partner provider is a technology innovator and leader in cloud communications. They have market share leadership in unified communications with a secure platform trusted by 25 of the world’s top 30 service providers by revenue. Their Business application suite empowers users and teams to share ideas and work simply to achieve breakthrough performance.

Priced Right Just for you

We can help you find the right fit. Our team is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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