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business Video Conferences with Just One Click

Start a meeting packed with all the productivity software features of UC-One, all at a click of your mouse.

When we work together as a team we do our best work. But being in the same room isn’t always possible. Todays video conference room solutions are hard to use, expensive, and don’t work most of the time.

Introducing UC-One Conference Room, powered by BroadSoft. A video conference solution that makes starting, joining, and managing a conference easy.

And with the integration of other UC-One software applications, collaboration and productivity are no longer “sold separately”.

Video Improves Collaboration & Business Results

Video conferencing has been proven to improve business outcomes. Market research agency Redshift Research found that 76% of the 1,205 business decision-makers in 12 countries surveyed said they use video conferencing at
work today, and 56% of users participated in at least one video call per week.

A typical system has so many disparate parts – technology from different vendors, and complicated software that isn’t easy to understand.

The cost to a business is high. Expensive hardware, wasted time spent on installation and support, and employees simply can’t figure out how to get it to work. Which is why so many room-based video conferencing investments go to waste.

A survey conducted in London by the Global Leadership Summit found that 34% of business leaders surveyed said more than half their company’s full-time workforce would be working remotely by 2020.

Video conferencing benefits include:

  • Minimizes wasted commuting time.
  • Improves team morale, trust, and engagement.
  • Improves meeting efficiency.
  • Accelerates decision making.
  • Enhances overall intimacy and rapport amongst a distributed workforce.
  • Increases engagement with customers, prospects, and partners.

How Does It Work?

  • Schedule A Meeting
    • Today’s room-based video conferencing solutions require you to reserve both the physical room and the video conferencing resource. With UC-One Conference Room, it takes just a few short minutes to manage physical conference rooms. So when you’re ready to schedule a meeting, simply invite the meeting room just like you would invite a person, and UC-One Conference Room is automatically reserved and scheduled.
  • Invite Guests
    • Invite team members or 3rd party contractors or agencies. People who aren’t part of your company can join the video conference  using the My Room guest
      experience. Simply invite them to the meeting. All they have to do is click on the link from their web browser, and they’re part of the video conference – including screen sharing and chat.
  • Join the Meeting via Video or Audio
    • When it’s time to meet, UC-One Conference Room is ready when you arrive to the meeting room. Just click on the Join button to launch the conference. If it’s not convenient to participate in the video conference, anyone can join the audio portion of the meeting from any phone
  • Share Ideas & Content
    • With HD voice and video – collaborating and communicating with colleagues has never been easier. As with any My Room meeting, you can share content with everyone in the video conference – whether they’re in the room or remote.

Why UC-One Conference Room?

  • Works automatically with desktop and mobile devices.
  • Start or join a video conference with just one click.
  • It’s open so it works with other video-conferencing systems.
  • Installation is quick and simple.
  • High quality HD audio and video.
  • Exceptionally easy to use.

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