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Cisco Meraki Wifi Access Points

In today’s competitive business environment, Cisco Meraki Access Points deliver fast and reliable wireless connectivity to stay connected with customers, colleagues, and critical resources.

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Improved Business Connectivity

Keep employees in close collaboration, and project resources only a few clicks away. Wi-Fi connectivity to the local network and the internet is essential to integrate workstations and mobile devices into your business’s information systems.

Features Designed for Businesses

Cisco’s Meraki Wi-Fi access points and controllers have a rich set of features out of the box designed with businesses in mind. Access points support multiple radio and frequency band options, power over Ethernet, robust Quality of Service (QoS), and single point setup for manageable installation in large facilities.

Enterprise Security Features

Security is a priority for every business, and Wi-Fi access has its own security challenges. Cisco’s Wi-Fi access appliances come equipped with advanced enterprise security features like WPA2 encryption, 802.1X and RADIUS support for secure authentication, and separate virtual networks for guest access. Combine Cisco wireless APs with SD-WAN appliances for a robust enterprise security and networking solution.

Easy Setup and Administration

  • Easy to install with out-of-the-box with an intuitive web-based configuration wizard.
  • Single Point Setup lets you deploy and manage multiple access points without additional hardware.

Features Designed for Businesses

  • Voice support to allow users to make or receive calls over your wireless LAN infrastructure.
  • Robust Quality of Service (QoS) for top performance and prioritization of business-critical applications.
  • Choice of Fast or Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (POE) support.
  • Native IPv6 support.
  • Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty

Enterprise Security and Performance

  • Highly secure, high-speed Wireless-N connectivity.
  • Multiple radio and bands for greater range and coverage.
  • Enterprise security features like WPA2 encryption and 802.1X with RADIUS support.
  • Network scanning and detection of rogue access points.
  • Highly secure guest Wi-Fi access.
  • SmartSignal Antennas that increase wireless coverage area in the office.

Greater Range, Bandwidth, and Reliability

Meraki Wi-Fi access points and controllers implement the 802.11n connectivity standard to increase both the speed and range of Wi-Fi access in your workplace. The Wireless-N standard supports bandwidth-intensive applications while maintaining backwards compatibility with older 802.11b/g equipment.

Epik Networks selects Wi-Fi access points that are designed to fit into tight spaces, and they can be mounted on ceilings, walls, and desktops. Their sleek shape and attachment options make them ideal for any business environment including offices, lobbies, and production facilities.

Epik ensures QoS for your Wi-Fi and network applications by combining the right cloud managed Cisco devices. Unlike home office and consumer Wi-Fi access products, Meraki access points and controllers are designed to support data-intensive business applications like video conferencing.

Wifi Access Point Connectivity

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

The most cost effective way to extend your network and provide the best connectivity to users.

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Stay Connected

Meraki Wi-Fi access points empower small business employees by providing access to business applications and collaboration tools anywhere and anytime they need them in the workplace.

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Mobile Device Management

A high-performance wireless network enables the integration of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wireless printers, and other IoT appliances.

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Power Business Software

Maintain a high level of reliability, service quality, signal range, and data throughput to support the demands of modern business applications such as video streaming, multimedia conferencing, and Voice over IP service.

Features and Tools Built for BYOD

Support the ever-growing number of BYOD clients in your network with security features, access policies, traffic control, and scalable onboarding.

Powerful Security Features

Modern security precautions, authentication standards, data encryption, and real-time threat detection

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Enterprise Security Standards

The platform supports security features like 802.1X access policies, port scheduling, and secure authentication with MAC-RADIUS. In addition, Meraki appliances support WIDS and WIPS technologies that allow real-time discovery and neutralization of wireless security threats.

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Secure Guest Access

Create separate VLANs to offer internet access to guests, customers, and partners without compromising internal network security. Meraki access points safeguard both critical business data and customer privacy.

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Simple Administration

Access an easy-to-use dashboard from any connected device. Cisco’s BYOD toolset allows you to manage application access and security policies for any desktop or mobile device, and balance network bandwidth load dynamically.

Extend Your Network with Wi-Fi

Talk to our experts today about deploying Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi Access Points. We’ll make sure you get the coverage area, performance, and security your business needs.

Control Your BYOD Environment

Get the complete solution brief that will walk you through all of the powerful BYOD features of Cisco APs.

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Meraki Layer-7 Visibility and Control

Cisco Meraki’s self-learning Layer 7 traffic analytics engine provides visibility, control, and actionable data. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Meraki Traffic Analytics Engine

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