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Century 21 Canada Case Study

Century 21 Leading Edge Realty is a full service brokerage firm, established in 1993, with a growing team of more than 400 agents and five offices throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The Need

Century 21 Canada was already aware of the benefits VoIP technology and was an early adopter of a Voice Over IP phone system but faced a lot of challenges with reliability from their previous provider.

As a large real estate brokerage, they deal with about 1,200 to 1,400 hundred incoming calls daily, so having a reliable system without any downtime was a priority.

Additionally, as an organization with a mobile workforce, the ability to seamlessly make and transfer calls from and to different locations is critical.

The company was looking for a new provider who could:

  1. Create consistent 100% reliability with their voice over IP
  2. Customize to their changing needs as required
  3. Provide an affordable solution with an easy transition


“They customized; they listened to what my needs were, what might my issues were, and they basically designed a solution to fit my needs so that we had a seamless phone system that worked from branch to branch.”

Paul Baron, Broker of Record/Owner, Century 21 Canada


The Solution


Century 21 had been very satisfied with their existing call centre technology and Epik, being a progressive and flexible provider, worked out a solution to include that technology. This allowed Century 21 to switch voice carrier systems while remaining with their preferred provider call centre software. Epik facilitated a transition that had no downtime and no interruptions.

The Epik solution included bringing in a dedicated T1 line, which is used to run the voice over IP network, and backup connections. Additionally, Epik showed the company how to program and take advantage of previously unused features on their system switches so that the company could prioritize the voice aspect of their system.

Epik also brought in top grade and fully warrantied refurbished hardware, which they were able to provide for 1/10th the price of the cost that Century 21 paid with their previous provider.

The Epik solution ensured there was no downtime, even while the company was in transition to the new system. On site training provided by Epik resulted in a quick and simple transition.


“They made adjustments for me – so it wasn’t like ‘Here’s the way it works, here’s what it does do you want to buy it?’ It was a long process of looking at what my needs were, analyzing my needs.”

Paul Baron, Broker of Record/Owner, Century 21 Canada


The Result

Prior to the Epik solution, Century 21 was paying $120, 000 for phones in five office locations. After switching to Epik, the annual costs decreased to $80,000, representing approximately a 33% savings for the company. Additionally, Epik’s streamlined billing system has facilitated an easier payment system.

The newfound reliability provided by the Epik solution helped Century 21 to retain agents, and through those agents, to grow clients.


“It’s been one hundred percent reliable, it’s provided the things that we need; they’ve listened to the concerns that we had and they’ve made adjustments for us. So it’s absolutely been a perfect fit for Century 21 Leading Edge.”

Paul Baron, Broker of Record/Owner, Century 21 Canada

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