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LOGiQ3 Case Study

The LOGiQ3 provides life insurance and reinsurance consulting and outsourced services. The company delivers long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support across underwriting, reinsurance administration, claims and auditing.

The Need

LOGiQ3 had been utilizing cloud phone systems for several years – first with a well-known Canadian partner who closed down their service and then with a very large American partner with whom they encountered some challenges in the areas of availability and quality of service. The company was looking to address both of those concerns and in the process of asking around about providers, colleagues pointed them in the direction of Epik Networks.

The IT team at LOGiQ3 wanted a solution that would allow them to:

  1. Work with a Canadian partner who could address their specific needs and challenges.
  2. Ensure that availability was not going to be at risk, and that the quality of service would be guaranteed.

“The decision to move to Epik was more focused on the fact that they were a Canadian partner and could address the Canadian telephony needs and challenges. Secondly, Epik Networks had a resiliency option, which ensured that our availability was not going to be at risk, and if the quality of service on the primary link was down, then the quality of service on the back up link would provide the quality of service we required.”

Ian Sanderson, VP Technology, LOGiQ3


The Solution

Epik Networks put into place a cloud-based phone system that addressed both local and distant users. It allowed LOGiQ3 to use a variety of VoIP Phones – something they did not have access to previously – along with telephony portals that enabled users to more effectively handle their own call handling procedures. When LOGiQ3 brought Epik on board they had less than 25 telephone users, and all telephone users were located in their head office. The Epik solution not only allowed them to bring on those head office users, but also a variety of remote distance users, plus the ability to use softphones on laptops and iPhones/Androids. Currently, LOGiQ3 has more than 40 devices running on Epik’s network.

“The requirements that we set down were based on three previous years of cloud computing phone systems and they were resilient paths. They were a central office class phone system and it was a 7/24 hour support team that could technically resolve the issues. And at the end of the day Epik has been able to provide all of them.”

Ian Sanderson, VP Technology, LOGiQ3


The Result

  1. Epik’s solution came in at a lower cost.
  2. LOGiQ3 experienced improved availability, quality of voice and overall service from Epik.
  3. LOGiQ3 eliminated all other third-party phone partners that were being used for teleconferencing, bridging, and other services just to keep the quality up. This marked additional savings.

By resolving their quality and availability issues, LOGiQ3 were able to re-focus time previously spent diagnosing and resolving issues on other core business requirements.

“… The solution came in as proposed, the end user training was far better than we had received prior and the phone system has been operating perfectly since bringing Epik on board three years ago.”

Ian Sanderson, VP Technology, LOGiQ3

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