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Swift Offices Case Study

Swift Offices operates a business centre in the Toronto Area. They provide businesses with fully furnished executive office suites that are fully functional with wireless and hardwire telephone and Internet services.

The need

Swift Offices were expanding into a new location, which had previously been occupied by another business centre. They knew they were contending with many wiring issues and in order to quickly set up to fulfill Swift clients’ telecommunication needs – specifically phone and Internet services – they needed a company who could:

  1. Provide top quality telecommunications service with a fast and simple transition period.
  2. Ensure a cost-effective solution.
  3. Include hardware, wireless phone and internet set up.


The Solution

Epik set up their hosted VOIP telephone systems and internet services for 63 offices – each of which has one – three phones. All the data networking gear (routers/switches) were programmed and installed by Epik technicians. Epik enabled Swift to customize the Internet solution for each one of their tenants through consistent support that distributes bandwidth as needed ensuring all offices experience high-speed service. The ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the services were also included.


“As you can imagine it in a setting like this some people could suck up a lot of the Internet, where as some people use very little and they can be impacted or vice versa you know one person gets it all, the other person can’t do anything. With Epik they’re able to monitor that and you can adjust it accordingly without anyone even knowing.”

Sandy Doobay, CEO, Swift Offices Inc.



The Result

Through a quick and easy transition, Epik provided a reliable, user-friendly phone and Internet system, fully set up for everything from long distance calling to conferencing.

In addition to improved quality of service, savings to Swift were also markedly decreased as compared to their other centres that had been set up with other service providers. The cost of the transition, implementation and services were half of what the company had projected when moving into the new location.


“In the 19 years that I’ve been in this industry and have been dealing with Internet service providers what I pay to Epik for what they provide to us in terms of quality and service, I’ve never actually received that anywhere else.”

Sandy Doobay, CEO, Swift Offices Inc.

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