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A Feature-Rich, Powerful,
Hosted Call Center

Maximize agent productivity, sales, and key performance indicators. Meet the most advanced contact center software on the market, powered by the Cisco Webex Contact Center platform.
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The Most Advanced Hosted Call Center

A call center solution that can power any contact center.
Sales, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Inbound, Outbound, Blended, and Omni-Channel contact centers.
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Intelligent & Predictive Routing

Increase call resolutions, balance workloads, and quickly get people connected with the right agent.
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Manage interactions across voice, email, and chat while retaining the context of conversations.
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Customer Journey Analytics

Interactions across all channels are logged in a single omni-channel system for reporting and analytics.
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Salesforce Integration

Click-to-call, call logging, call control, and real-time caller information all within the Salesforce environment.
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Empower agents with access to subject matter experts via audio, video, email, or messaging, in order to resolve customer needs quickly and efficiently.
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Workforce Optimization

Speech enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Workforce Optimization (WFO).
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"It’s been one hundred percent reliable, it’s provided the things that we need; they’ve listened to the concerns that we had and they’ve made adjustments for us."
Paul Baron
Broker of Record/Owner, Century 21 Canada

A Call Center Tailored for Your Business

Only pay for what you use, when you use it. Add communication channels or features as you need them.

Epik’s hosted call center, powered by the Cisco WebEx Contact Center platform, is a powerful small-business solution that can scale to serve large enterprise operations.
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Improve All Areas Of
Call Center Performance

Get a solution that's optimized for what’s most important to you.
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Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction & retention
Predict customer needs and increase first call resolutions
Manage performance &
interactions across all channels
Reduce call times


Agent Performance Analytics
Advanced Intelligent Routing
Increase Sales Team Efficiency
Increase Close Rates, Sales & Revenue


Monitor True Agent Performance  and Efficiency
Route Calls To Outsourced  Agents
Predictive Analytics
Optimize Use Of Call Center Experts

Award Winning Cisco Webex Contact Center Platform

Improve your customer experience with a unified, omni-channel contact center solution hosted on the cloud.

Manage, track, and handle interactions with customers regardless of their communication channel of preference.
Give your agents the tools they need to provide better customer service, close more sales, and hit those business goals.
Cloud Call Center Customer Service

Migrating Your Contact Center To The Cloud

The evolution to a cloud call center solution isn't complicated!
Download our free white-paper to help you take this very important step.
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The Benefits of a Cloud Based Contact Center

Get all the benefits of feature-rich on-premise systems with none of the hassle. Give your people the tools they need to make powerful customer connections while delivering the results your business requires.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Set Your Sales Team up to Close
  • Increase Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs
Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Gone are the days of costly reactive customer service. With our call center software's customer service analytics, you can predict issues that a customer will encounter with their product or service, at their stage in their customer journey - so you can match them to the best agent and resolve their problem on the first interaction.

Set Your Sales Team up to Close

Set Your Sales Team up to Close

Use predictive analytics to route customers with agents that have a performance record of converting customers with similar demographics. Use agent performance data to match callers with agents that have a proven track record for the customer’s product or service.

Use priority routing to prioritize customers that are more likely to purchase based on their stage in the customer journey. And with Salesforce integration, you can empower your agents with customer identities, history, intent, phone, and IVR selections - giving them the tools they need to close more sales.

Increase Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Increase Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Never before have contact centers had a solution that not only reduced costs, but also increased efficiency, all while increasing customer service and sales. With Epik’s call center solution, powered by Cisco WebEx, you can make the most of your contact center by using a unified dashboard to view operational and business data in real-time.

Know which calls produce revenue based on demographics and other attributes - and route those calls to your best agents based on true agent performance. Leverage in-house, at-home, and outsourced agents when it makes sense without sacrificing business results. Create and monitor KPIs that map operations to business performance.

Advanced Call Center Features

Omni-Channel Call Center

Manage customer interactions over web, voice, email, chat and social channels.

Omni-channel customer engagement increases customer trust and rapport while empowering agents with a high level view at every touch-point. A hosted call center solution can retain the context of the conversations between channels.

Call center agents also benefit from back office collaboration via voice chat and video.

Customer Journey Analytics

Explore and analyze customer interactions, agent activity, operations and results.

360 Customer Journey Analytics is a doorway into understanding your customers, so your agents can better serve them.

Monitor behaviours, processes, and cross-system KPIs to gain a better understanding of what is driving the business and performance outcomes you want.

And with Voice of Customer Analytics you can use speech and text analytics to gain a better understanding of how the customer feels about your products or services.

Workforce Optimization

Delivering leading-edge customer service requires intelligent use of call center resources. A Cisco Contact Center solution combines all of your communication channels into a single system. That system does the heavy lifting of analyzing speech and text to determine ways of improving your call center performance and customer experience (CX). 

Employee performance analytics, contact center scheduling, and omni-channel customer journey management are just the start of a modern call center solution equipped to maximize agent and contact center performance.

Salesforce Integration

Management, administration, routing and reporting all from within Salesforce.

Agents love a consolidated interface that makes handling omni-channel interactions easier. Call center managers can review cases, monitor volumes, monitor calls, join calls and listen to recordings, all without leaving the Salesforce environment.

Leverage your Salesforce data to improve your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and call routing strategies.

We can even help you import your data, so your analytics can start working for you right away!

Intelligent & Predictive Routing

Match each customer with the best agent using advanced algorithms that increase call resolutions and call center efficiency.

Route customer to agents with the best sales records with similar customer or product sales.

Predictive routing allows your call center to be more customer-centric by minimizing wait times, reducing abandoned calls, and prioritizing previous abandons.

Manage agents based on training, skill level, personal characteristics, personalities, and match customers with an ideal agent.

Expert Collaboration

Empower your agents with the resources required to provide exceptional customer service. Subject matter experts (SMEs) are occasionally required to solve problems, deliver better customer experiences, and provide exceptional customer service. Your experts can't be everywhere at once, but they can be everywhere they're needed when the time comes.

Make the most of your SMEs. Empower agents with quick and easy access to SMEs when needed to solve problems and deliver better customer service.

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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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