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Get the Network Security, Speed, and Reliability Your Business Needs

Modernize your network with the best internet solutions. Optimize your data traffic for seamless and secure business cloud communications. Get a network development plan that scales as your company grows with Epik Networks.
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Improve Customer Experience And Data Transfer With Fiber Optic Internet for Business

Eliminate data congestion and improve your team’s productivity and performance. Slow internet speeds create bottlenecks in your organization’s communication and puts a strain on your business operations.

Your internet connection is the backbone of your business’ communication and cloud services experience. Upgrade to fiber optic internet and stop waiting for things to upload or download.
Fiber optic internet puts your team's individual and collaborative workflows on overdrive.
Supports speeds of up to 10 Gbps
Starts at just $99/month
Fiber Optic Internet

Empower Your Team And Secure Your Data

Consolidate your network resources for simplified management and provisioning. Accelerate service delivery through agile resource allocation, wherever it’s needed, with cloud networking.

Secure your data with Cisco and protect your business. Cisco security technology adds layers of protection to your network, guarding your company network from a wide variety of attacks.
Cloud Networking
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Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

Get top-notch security, superior network performance, and unmatched reliability with Meraki SD-WAN.

Protect your data and optimize your network traffic for business-critical systems and applications.
Cloud-Managed SD-WAN

Powerful & Robust Cloud Wi-Fi Access Points

Your clients, vendors, contractors, and employees need Wi-Fi to communicate freely. And you need to secure their data while they do.

Expand your wireless network and offer guest access points that are highly secure and reliable.
Wi-Fi Access Points

Cisco Cloud Managed Switches

Switches are key building blocks for connecting devices and sharing information. We’ll help you choose from a variety of switches, optimized for your unique network and business goals.

Connectivity Designed to Power Your Business

Our specialists can design a network solution that exceeds the needs of your business now and that can scale as your business grows. When you choose Epik Networks, you choose to combine Cisco-certified experts with the worldwide leader in networking to implement a solution with the highest performance, security, and reliability on the market.

We tailor a fully-optimized WAN solution that reduces your network costs while improving branch efficiency, no matter the location. Epik keeps your business running and your data secure with a private fiber-optic network that offers redundancy, disaster failover, and robust data-encryption.

Paired with high-performance, high-availability network devices, we offer an infrastructure your business can rely on.
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Internet with Built-In Business Continuity

Meraki automatically switches between connections, ensuring a constant flow of data even if a connection goes down. Epik’s fiber optic network reroutes traffic from a faulty network to a healthy one in microseconds, so your services will never be disrupted.

Our financially-backed service level agreement guarantees that you’ll get a 99.99% backbone network up-time, a latency of less than 70 milliseconds, and everything else you’d need to run a smooth online business.
Redundancy and failover connections
Uptime guarantee
Financially-backed SLA
Why Epik
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Exceptional and Responsive Support

Our support team is there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you need us, just call and you’ll be connected with one of our highly trained technicians within 60 seconds.

As part of our financially backed-SLA and uptime guarantee, we aim for the fastest incident resolution times to keep your business running smoothly.

Performance and Reliability Only a Tailored Solution Can Offer

Upgrade your network with Epik Networks. Maximize your network coverage, improve your performance, and optimize your throughput.

Implement the best network security currently available from Cisco - the Gartner Quadrant leader in security.

Contact Epik Networks to lay the network foundation your business needs.
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COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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“It worked flawlessly out of the gate. Everything was easy to set up, the reliability was there and when we did the cost benefit analysis it really made good business sense to move onto that platform. And we haven’t looked back...”
David Arbuthnot
VP Information Technology, MS Society
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Get Webex FREE for 90 Days
For a limited time, and in response to the global pandemic, Epik Networks and Cisco are offering free Webex licenses for 90 days. Get your free Webex license today.


COVID-19 Update: See Epik Networks response to support our customers. We’re offering free Cisco WebEx Work-from-Home Solution to everyone.

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