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Solutions for Healthcare

Providing fast, effective telephone call handling is essential for healthcare institutions. Epik’s hosted PBX solutions can help improve patient care and create an efficient and effective practice.


Healthcare institutions have demanding needs for communication and patient handling. From managing high call volumes from an array of sources, to ensuring compliance to IT Governance standards, institutions need a communications platform with flexibility and advanced features that traditional PBX systems lack.

  • Costs of Traditional On-Premise Systems

    With ever present financial challenges, healthcare institutions are overspending on legacy on-premise systems that can’t meet the demands of the industry.

  • Managing Call Volumes

    Institutions receive a lot of calls ranging from emergencies to general inquiries. Managing and routing calls can be a significant task, and a bottleneck that is the source of congestion.

  • Critical Downtime

    Healthcare institutions can’t afford to experience downtime when existing systems need to be upgraded, maintained, or replaced.

  • Limited Access to Staff & Colleagues

    Traditional phone systems lack the ability to identify colleagues that are available for consultation at the time of need. Getting a hold of team members can mean paging and waiting for a call back.

Doctors quickly access information using VOIP communications solution


Epik Networks hosted PBX solutions provide the flexibility, features, and collaboration tools to empower healthcare institutions to improve patient service. Single-number contact, presence information, and instant messaging allows practitioners to stay connected in the high paced healthcare environment.

  • Auto Attendant

    Epik’s Auto Attendant can greet callers with a friendly message, and use recorded  information to answer general inquiries.

  • Call Recording

    Monitor and review conversations between patients and staff to prove compliance to the Commission standards. Keep records of medical advice given over the phone, and for staff training.

  • Extensive Call Detail Reporting (CDR)

    Enables statistical analysis of inbound/outbound calls to identify busiest periods to help plan for staff scheduling.

  • CRM Connect

    Enables integration with patient care record software to provide staff with patient information at their fingertips and keep a store of call history and notes in the patients record.

  • Instant messaging and presence

    UC One can be used by practitioners to securely communicate patient information while maintaining confidentiality. Voice and video conferencing can be used to conduct team meetings.

  • Business Continuity

    Epik ensures your practice can meet IT Governance standards and answer patient calls even in event of local natural or man-made disasters such as flooding, electrical, IT or network failure.

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  • Improved Patient Service

    Provide friendly, prompt and effective service for patients. Provide the necessary resources to answer calls efficiently and effectively, even during the busiest times. Use call recording to train staff and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Increased Productivity

    Ensure efficient use of staff resources by using statistical data in CDR to plan resources accordingly. Use the Receptionist Console to provide improved call handling for Reception. Use collaboration tools to share ideas and information across the team.

  • Compliance to Governance Standards

    Use Call Recording to show compliance with regulations.