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Solutions for Manufacturing

Epik’s hosted PBX solution, powered by Broadsoft, provides manufacturing businesses with a cost-effective communications platform that far outweighs the features and capabilities of legacy PBX systems.


Traditional phone systems (PBX) are becoming increasingly expensive and hard to maintain. In case of fires, floods, or other natural disasters, phone systems can go offline and impact production and business operations. Limited functionality and features also means that communications are inefficient and less productive.

  • Increasing Costs

    Traditional PBX systems are harder and costlier to maintain

  • Significant Upfront Costs

    On-premise phone systems require a significant investment for hardware.

  • Lack of Productivity and Mobility

    Traditional PBX lacks productivity tools and the ability to support mobile working environments.

  • Lack of Analytical Tools

    Legacy PBX systems don’t have the ability to track abandoned calls or predict call volumes based on day/time of the week.

Warehouse supervisor utilizing modern VOIP business telephone system


Manufacturing and production environments are dynamic and high-paced. Epik’s Total Voice solution provides the flexibility and mobility to meet those demands, and extend the communications capabilities on any existing phone system.

  • Support For Fiber Optic Infrastructure

    VOIP services can easily be configured to utilize your existing fiber optic network.

  • Mobility with UC One

    Stay connected with operations when on the move, at a customers premises or during travel.

  • Presence & Availability

    See who is available, at a glance, and communicate via instant messaging or voice calling.

  • Integrated Call Center

    Manage customer calls with a full featured call center solution that includes call queuing, call forwarding, intelligent routing, and real-time and daily reporting.

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  • Caller & Agent Analytics

    Measure and improve customer service with real-time and daily reports, giving you the ability to see what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Work From Anywhere

    Manage your business calls from wherever you are using a single phone number, and any device.

  • Long-term Flexibility

    Easily configure extensions, settings, and features and your needs change, all from your connected device using our client portal.

  • Reduced Setup & Maintenance Costs

    An Epik solution can deliver a less-than 1 year return on investment compared to traditional PBX and ISDN options.

  • High Reliability

    Epik’s Total Voice is a telco-grade business communications service delivered from Epik Networks’ data centres – with a 99.99% up-time guarantee.